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If you’re in the market for a new office chair, you might have heard the brand Herman Miller mentioned more than a few times. Herman Miller is one of the most renowned chair manufacturers in the world, leaders in their industry, but are their office chairs really worth it?

To answer simply, yes, they are.

There are many reasons why these office chairs are so popular amongst business owners, CEOs, and office workers. Let’s talk about what makes a Herman Miller chair an excellent investment that you won’t regret.

How Comfortable Are Herman Miller Chairs?

Herman Miller is among a handful of manufacturers who can legitimately claim their office chairs are ‘engineered’ and scientifically proven to improve user experience.

Let’s bring it back to the basics. Are Herman Miller chairs good for your back? Yes. Every chair is designed with the user in mind, with optimised features to support those sitting for long periods of time. Their features include tilt limiters to manage tension, moveable lumbar support pads that can be aligned to suit the curvature of your spine, and armrests configured to help maintain a healthy posture. The fluid tilt function of the Aeron chair is especially good for your posture as it keeps your feet planted on the floor while the backrest stays in unison with your spine.

Herman Miller makes their chairs so intuitive that you can carry out these adjustments yourself with ease. Every feature of the Herman Miller office chair has been designed to support your spinal health and relieve tension that can occur when seated.

Popular models include the Aeron chair, Embody chair and SAYL chair, all known for their ergonomic design and innovative features. With a motto like ‘if you feel better, you work better’, Herman Miller can be trusted to get you through the workday with the utmost comfort. 

What Are Herman Miller Chairs Made Out Of?

Herman Miller uses a range of advanced materials which makes them an award winning chair manufacturer. Their materials are layered and all have their own properties that work together to achieve a comfortable, supportive and breathable seating solution. They state, “the materials you choose are vital to the success of your design and the people who experience it.”

Sustainability is another key consideration for Herman Miller, opting for environmentally friendly materials where possible. For example, the Aeron chair is made of more than 50% recycled materials, with an ocean-bound plastic body.

Herman Miller is a founding member of NextWave Plastics, which is developing the first global network of ocean-bound plastic supply chains. This plastic comes from ocean waste and is ground down, washed and pellitised. These pellets are then sent to manufacturers like Herman Miller to transform into new products. The bodies of their chairs are made of this recycled plastic, placing them firmly in the list of responsible products that are working towards reducing their environmental impact.

Herman Miller also offers a repurposing program in which used products are recycled and reused, giving them a new lease of life and preventing them from ending up in landfill. This allows businesses to get rid of their old furniture in a sustainable way that doesn’t harshly impact the environment, whilst making room for their new office equipment.

What Size Is Right For Me?

One of the main reasons Herman Miller chairs are so popular is down to their outstanding comfort. Herman Miller understands that comfort is key when it comes to the support you need from an office chair.

Producing chairs that can be fine-tuned to the user, every model from the Herman Miller Aeron chair to the Herman Miller Embody chair can be optimised for maximum comfort.

We’re not talking about minor adjustments, either. Each ergonomic chair’s precise functions allow you to create a tailored desk chair to your specific requirements. Herman Miller chairs are designed to cradle your posture, no matter your position or body type.

Herman Miller offers a range of sizes for certain chairs including the Aeron in sizes A (small), B (medium) and C (large). The inclusivity of this design means almost everybody is catered for, from the first to the 99th percentile. Use this handy chart to find out which chair size suits you best.   

Stylish Office Furniture Additions

Office chairs must be comfortable, but the look and style are also important factors as they are a prominent feature in the workplace. Herman Miller really considers this, producing sleek designs available in a range of colours to suit your brand identity.

Every business is unique and will have a different style and colour scheme, but with Herman Miller office chairs, there are plenty of options to accommodate this. Being able to customise your chairs also means you can opt for the same chair in different styles. This is handy to match the style of the specific workplace area, for instance, the meeting room may require different coloured chairs to the reception area.

How Long Does a Herman Miller Chair Last?

Herman Miller chairs are designed and built to last at least 12 years. With proper care, their lifespan can be even longer, with their strong frames created to last decades. After 12 or more years, some elements like the mesh may need replacing if the chair has been overused, but the body can last a lifetime.

With regular chair cleaning and care, your Herman Miller chair won’t wear out for many years to come, remaining in excellent condition.

Is it Worth the Price?

Buying a Herman Miller chair is a smart investment. Incredibly long-lasting, these chairs are office furniture icons with a pioneering ergonomic design that will support you all day. Perfect for use at work or home, a Herman Miller won’t let you down.

At Office Furniture Scene, we supply a range of Herman Miller chairs, both bespoke and in-stock versions. If you need help deciding which one is right for you, call us on 01603 722483 or email our team at

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