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With the rise in knowledge-based workplaces and the continued popularity of working from home, workers today sit down more often and for longer. Sitting for prolonged periods can increase the risk of lower back pain and stiff muscles and joints, which is why a good office chair is essential.

A reliable office chair should support many postures, including forward-leaning, reclining and upright seated positions. Frequent posture changes and freedom of movement are essential for keeping your body comfortable.

It’s all about providing the right amount of 'give' in the right places. Enter Herman Miller, who is at the forefront of ergonomic research and design for seating solutions.

Why is Herman Miller so comfortable?

Herman Miller has set itself apart by developing numerous features to support our bodies. With the level of customisation available and the technology involved, these are the best ergonomic chairs on the market today.

Let’s talk about these features and what makes them so popular with their users.

Additional lumbar support

Everybody is different, and the human spine varies from person to person. Herman Miller covers this by allowing lumbar support adjustments to exact specifications on some of their chairs.

The lumbar support mechanism feature can be customised to your individual body shape. This can reduce the chance of back pain and sore muscles from awkward sitting postures. We always recommend choosing the lumbar support option to get the most out of your Herman Miller chair.

Tilt, Tilt Limiter & Forward Tilt

Freedom of movement when seated is considered essential to the well-being of office employees. Reflective tasks such as talking on the phone and thinking are often preferred in the recline position. The Herman Miller tilt mechanisms ensure you are perfectly supported throughout the recline and always feel in control. Tilt tension controls allow you to increase or decrease the force required to recline the chair.

The simple-to-use tilt limiter lever allows you to limit the recline to a position of your choice when leaning backwards. You can still move forward but will not lean back further than your selected position. This feature prevents any painful and embarrassing backward falls in the middle of the office.

Forward tilt allows the chair to tilt forward past the horizontal upright position. Normally used when sitting at a high seated position, this angle can relax the waist, knees and ankles. A forward tilt limiter sets the chair in the correct position to support the back in the forward-leaning position.

Auto-Harmonic Tilt - Cosm Chairs

The auto-harmonic tilt on the Cosm Chairs requires no adjustments, as it responds to your posture and movement. This advanced technology means your body is in complete control. The tilt will provide totally balanced support and a truly weightless seating experience. The chair’s movement mirrors your movements naturally and with ease.

Flexfront Seat Edge - Mirra Chairs

The Mirra chair's patented Flexfront seat edge enables users to adjust the seat depth to 5 positions while still seated. The Airweave™ flexible seat front flexes up and down, increasing and decreasing the seat depth to suit all upper leg lengths. The intelligent structure of this amazing chair means continuous balance, comfort and ergonomic support for your hips and thighs.

PostureFit®  - Aeron Chairs

PostureFit™, developed for the Aeron Chair, supports the lower back below the belt, a part that no chair could support before. When you sit upright and forward at a computer, there tends to be a void in this area, which leads to slouching. This can result in the loss of a healthy S-shape in your spine.

The Posturefit™ system supports your lower back, which is the lowest point of your spine. It helps to prevent slouching and reinforces your pelvis for ultimate comfort.

Backfit™ - Embody chairs

On the Embody chair models, the Posturefit™ and Backfit™ systems give incredible bespoke support. The Backfit™ system allows you to align the backrest to fit your spine using the adjustable central spine and flexible ribs. These brilliant everyday desk chairs offer strong support for your back while optimising your comfort levels.

Multiple size options - Aeron Chair

Aeron's three sizes and adjustability accommodate a broader range of sizes and shapes than any other work chair. Anyone - from the 1st percentile female to the 99th percentile male - can find the perfect fit with either size A, B or C.

For the vast majority of users, B is the most appropriate size. We always recommend choosing a larger size, but you can email or call us for advice if you are unsure.

Are Herman Miller chairs actually comfortable?

The answer is yes. These advanced, ergonomic chairs are the most comfortable you’ll find when searching for new office furniture. With many years of development and focus behind them, the minds at Herman Miller have brought us chairs that support our bodies in the best way possible.

The numerous tilt functions, Backfit™, PostureFit™, lumber support mechanisms and material selections are just some of the incredible features of these chairs. If you’re looking for a chair that eases back pain, removes the tension on your hips and shapes itself to your unique shape, then consider taking a look through our range of ergonomic Herman Miller chairs.

If you have any questions about which chair is best for you, give us a call on 01603 722483 to talk to one of our expert team, or email us at

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