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The past few months has left us all feeling slightly confused and forced to completely change. Nonetheless, adjustments have been made throughout workplaces to ensure employees are able to work safely and new enforcements can be adhered to correctly.

With many workplaces now able to return to work, or with a return date in mind, businesses have had to cater to new regulations in order for this to happen safely.

In particular, offices have had to consider changing the layout of their workspace to guarantee compulsory working conditions are met.

Now, more than ever is a great opportunity to revamp your office space for the better.

A simple and inexpensive, yet effective way of creating more space

Office furniture is one of the most effective and reasonable ways to do this. Whether this be in a large commercial building or due to current circumstances, you’ve been pushed towards and accustomed to working in a home office.

Not only does office furniture provide you with the foundations to complete your work but it speaks volumes on behalf of your company personality and professionalism.

Furniture can instil a good first impression for those all-important clients, as well as increasing morale within the office.

When your staff are enveloped in comfort all day, naturally they will feel at ease within their workplace and become increasingly more productive.

When purchasing budget office furniture, consider the value for money; the amount of wear and tear these items will be subdued to over hours, days, even months, could see you replacing furniture sooner than you thought you would.


When purchasing new furniture for your office, research which office chairs will offer support for your employees. After all, with the average adult spending more time at work than they do at home or socialising, it’s essential that your workers postures are well-looked after.

Ergonomic chairs have revolutionised the way we look at office furniture, each mastered piece has spent years in the making, paving the way for a new wave of office chair.

Brands such as Herman Miller and Humanscale have set a benchmark for ergonomic chairs.

Removing all unnecessary materials; replacing foam with mesh, stripping out the mechanisms to allow your body to control the movement, and no more fiddling around with bolts and nozzles instead use your own bodyweight to adjust the height and tilt.

The key factor in all of these brands and why we are proud stockists of them, is the time they’ve taken to manufacture environmentally friendly chairs designed to improve your health and posture. Determined to source all the best solutions.

With many designs available, shop our office chairs today and start creating a healthier environment for your office space.

Aeron Chair Graphite Polished 2


A huge must in any office but often presenting issues due to their bulky and intrusive nature. The classic filing cabinets no longer have to be a nuisance in the office, with many new and innovative ways to organise paperwork and section off areas.

Storagewall is a bespoke brand changing the way we organise our offices, instead of placing storage in any available space, Storagewall will work around you. Fitting cabinets, units and shelves into small, large or uneven spaces, these designs optimise redundant areas such as floor to ceiling.

With the ability to personalise your storage, you can select which drawers, segments and the accessories you’d like yours to come with, including slide out drawers, coat racks or even personalised cupboard graphics.

Storagewall is also a great way to segment your office, creating private spaces and especially accommodating new guidelines for safe working, whilst utilising the space taken up with storage solutions.

Small Office Storage Wall - 3 Metre


Meeting rooms

When speaking to your employees one on one, in important meetings or for client catch ups, you’ll want meeting rooms that provide a comfortable yet modern impression. Often, meeting rooms can lack personality, however, our suppliers Orangebox have evolved a great solution for creating a fun, safe and affordable space.

Orangebox supplies pop up solutions to suit you, whether you’re looking for a dining area, a coffee room or a modern take on a meeting room.

If you have a large open space, office pods are ideal for segregating the office, without having to bring in builders and contractors.

orangebox office pod

Orangebox Pod

For a time like this, where everything is changing unexpectedly, these are a great option. Causing little to no disruption but a huge impact.

With your new furniture in place, finishing touches such as a fresh lick of paint may be all that’s needed now, ready to welcome in your team for a fresh start.

This new way of work, and even before all this, work life can be all-consuming. Filled with various tasks of a higher priority to flit between, as opposed to creating the workspace you’ve always wanted. But, in spite of ourselves, there will have been a time when many ideas and plans were thrown back and forwards in regards to what to do with the place. With time those ideas were pushed to the bottom of the to-do list and eventually slipped away. Although the last few months have contributed towards a level of uncertainty, it has allowed us to jump back into projects we originally put off and provided us with time to review the space we work in.

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