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Whether you are transforming your current office or creating a new workplace from scratch, an effective open plan office can be difficult to get right. We tackle some of the most common myths below to help you to create the perfect open plan environment for your business.

Open plan means furnishing your office as little as possible

When undertaking an office refurbishment or changing your office layout it would be easy to assume that open plan is the only option, given the current trends that have been dominating over the past 10 years. Actually, designing an effective open plan office is not as simple as wide spaces, clear desks and including your kitchen, office and staff rest area all in one room. When creating the ideal space, consider pockets of privacy that can be created using fabric office screens for your desk and the correct positioning of stylish desks. Ensure your cables and clutter are tidied and choose office furniture that compliments your theme.

Collaboration is the only way to work productively

Collaboration between your staff and an environment that encourages innovation and collective work can be extremely productive for your workforce. Creating an environment for collaboration doesn’t necessarily mean that there is no privacy. Working in large groups and constantly conferring can also hold back production if it is not structured, so whilst collaboration has an important role to play, it isn’t the only way. Focused individual work must also take place within the working week, to enable action from discussions to play out effectively. A great way to achieve this style of working is to utilise an private office pod, which dependant on the balance within your office can be used as a space for meetings and collaboration – or alternatively to provide a moment of sanctuary and silence for those needing to get their head down on project work and for private client liaison.

Noise equals communication and creates a buzz

Whilst a little noise adds to the atmosphere within the office, noise should be kept to an acceptable level, so it does not cause a distraction. This is particularly important when staff are dealing with clients on the telephone, for example within a call centre. In this case, despite an open plan office being favoured, choosing the correct office furniture and accessories is vital. Noise reducing screens can help to absorb noise and prevent echo, padded office furniture such as modular furniture or work pods also effectively absorb noise.

A style is to be put before comfort

With such a wide range of ergonomic office furniture available, there is no longer a reason to choose between style or comfort, as you can achieve both. For example, Orangebox offers a range of office furniture that is not only ergonomic but stylish enough to fit perfectly in an industrial style or open-plan workplace. With the increase in active working, sit-stand desks and mobile working is now a great and stylish option when you are considering your open plan office furniture. By investing in adjustable desks the environment adjusts to your teams current needs, so if you would like everyone on their feet during a huddle them that’s completely possible, and they can stay that way for their working day if they prefer this style of working, as their desk will rise to suit their standing height.

If you are looking to furnish your open-plan office, or require some finishing touches, our team of experts would love to lend a hand.

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