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You’ve probably heard the term ‘lumbar support’ before, especially when it comes to ergonomic chairs, but what does it actually mean and why is it so important to our health? Let’s talk about our lower backs and why a good office chair can make all the difference.

What Does Lumbar Mean?

The lumbar section of your spine is the five bottom vertebrae in your lower back. This section is responsible for helping support your upper body, including your head and neck. It allows you to turn, twist, rotate and bend during everyday movements and is important to take care of it. 

There are multiple ways we can look after our back, including the chair you sit on. For those of us working behind desks, our posture can start to slump after a while. But an ergonomic chair with good lower back support can help to avoid this and promote good posture.

Where is Lumbar Support on an Office Chair?

The lumbar support on a chair is at the bottom of the backrest, with most chairs curving inwards to support your lumbar. Some chairs have lumbar support sections that inflate and deflate with an attached pump. Others have a moveable lumbar support that you can adjust up and down to slot against your back’s curve. 

Look at the inward curve of your office chair. If there is no support feature there, then chances are it won’t have the best support for your lumbar.

How to Know if Your Office Chair Has Bad Lumbar Support

Try sitting upright in your chair with your back and hips straight. If the curve of the chair doesn’t fit the curve of your spine, then the support won’t be the best. 

Another way to tell is to keep an eye on your posture. Slouching forward? Your lumbar support is likely too low. If it is too high, then you might feel pressure in your upper back from sitting in a forced unnatural position.

If you find any discomfort from your chair when sitting up straight, it may be time to consider investing in an ergonomic office chair. 

How do Ergonomic Office Chairs Help?

Comfortable, ergonomic chairs are a great way to support your lumbar and help your posture. Not only do they allow your spine to settle into a natural position, but they help distribute your weight, relieving pressure on your hips. They can also help to reduce neck pain and back pain caused by sitting in a slumped position all day.

With all these benefits, why wouldn’t you choose an ergonomic chair for working? Whether at home or in the office, they help to keep you comfortable all day long. 

Best Ergonomic Office Chairs

Our most popular ergonomic chair is the Herman Miller Embody Chair, which has it all when it comes to keeping you supported. The shape of the backrest mirrors the human spine and when you move, it moves too, guaranteeing a comfortable seating position. This chair is an investment that you and your back will never regret.

The Aeron Chair in Size B Graphite is also another great contender that’s made to support your posture. With its adjustable PostureFit SL and harmonic tilt capabilities, the support for your lumbar area is unparalleled. It also comes in three different sizes (A, B and C) to cater for a wide range of people.

If you need multiple chairs but want to keep the cost down, the Orangebox Do Chair is a brilliant affordable option. Thanks to its sliding lumbar pad, you can adjust it to wherever you need it, while the comfortable mesh moulds to the shape of your back for supple support.

Choosing the Right Chair

Those who work behind a desk spend an average of eight hours a day seated; that’s a third of the day spent sitting down. Investing in a desk chair with good lumbar support is crucial for optimal comfort and posture. Your back will be thanking you later.

At Office Furniture Scene, we are always happy to help you with any questions you may have when it comes to ergonomic chairs. We have a wide range of options to suit your needs and styles. Discover the perfect chair to support your back today.

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