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It happens to the best of workplaces: the collection of 'don't sit on those' chairs grows in the corner of the meeting room, each one more wonky than the last. They looked great when they were first delivered years ago, but now they have been relegated to the corner.

There are many reasons for new office chairs, from broken wheels to cleanliness and team requirements. Do you recognise any of these familiar signs that it's time for new chairs?

1. Visible wear and tear

From meeting rooms to the office floor, if you spot chairs with dents, scratches, stains and even breaks, it's time to replace them. People often rock back, lean too far forward, spill coffee, and subconsciously pull at padding when using their chairs, which results in deterioration. It's important that when these issues are beyond repair, you start thinking about new chairs to support your employees.

This can be especially important in meeting rooms. Although these chairs are less used and often overlooked, they're just as important, especially as they may be used by clients and visitors. Spinal support, armrests, and quality, hard-wearing fabrics are just as crucial for meeting room chairs as desk chairs, so consider something durable. The Herman Miller Setu is the perfect comfortable chair to place around your meeting room tables.

2. Health and safety concerns

Broken office chairs can become dangerous. A wheel close to snapping, broken legs, dented armrests, or tearing fabric may not seem like much of a problem at face value, but these issues can lead to injury if they get worse. When staff start dropping hints that their chair doesn't feel safe, it's time to take notice.

For those on a budget, the Orangebox Do chair is a comfortable and versatile piece of office furniture that offers fantastic support. For the ultimate desk chair design, opt for the Herman Millar Aeron, a beautiful and innovative chair that will leave your colleagues feeling appreciated and motivated.

3. Colleague frustration

Sometimes staff need to get their heads together for a chat to further ideas, but taking up space in an eight-person meeting room is unnecessary. This frustration can be solved by adding new chairs to your office and creating a space designated for these quick huddles. 

A collection of Allermuir Pebbles can be arranged to provide a comfortable and casual place for employees to brainstorm. For a space with a more private feel, while still being on the office floor, the Boss Design Shuffle range can be used to create the illusion of a separate room. 

4. Bad impressions

Your reception area is the first thing clients and customers see, making it incredibly important. You don't want the area to look outdated, as it could give them a bad impression of your business before the relationship has even begun. If visiting other offices and seeing their stylish lobby areas makes you jealous, then it's time to upgrade.

If you want to give the full room a transformation, then consider investing in a large, welcoming desk for your receptionist to work on, such as the Elite Windsor Radiused Reception desk. Accompany any new furniture with sleek storage like the Elite Flare Storage Unit to keep files and stationery tucked out of sight.

If it's just the chair you'd like to upgrade, then the Herman Miller Sayl chair makes the perfect compact and versatile reception desk chair, as stylish as it is comfortable. For the seating your visitors wait on, we suggest conical chairs such as the Allermuir Chair, which we offer in a range of colours to match your office aesthetic. For the ultimate visitor luxury, the Elite Dalton Three Seat Sofa is ideal for comfortable waiting, available in over 30 shades and with the option to include power sockets for charging tech.

5. Boring aesthetics

The 90s was a fun decade, but the office design from that era was utilitarian and functional. If your workplace is still grey and cubicle-focused, it's time for a change. A brighter, more open workspace will lift employees' spirits and impress visitors with your vision. 

Our range of office chairs contains pieces that are as stylish as the next, but to truly update the office floor, look to the highly stylish and practical meeting pod. These come in all shapes and designs, from one-person booths like the On The QT Phonebooth to four-seater pods with comfortable seating and a screen like the Orangebox Cwtch Screen Unit.

To truly provide for your staff and visiting clients, the phenomenal Orangebox Campers&Dens Pod features integrated power, lighting and ventilation, ample space, and privacy while blending seamlessly with the rest of the office. No one will walk into the office feeling uninspired by their surroundings with these stunning pieces of advanced office furniture.

Upgrade your office space

If you recognise any of the above signs, it's time to replace or add new office chairs and furniture to your workplace. Not only can it help lift the moods of your employees, but it can benefit their physical comfort and their pride in where they work.

To discover our incredible range of desk chairs, desks, storage, meeting pods and breakout area furniture, simply browse our product categories and choose your favourites. For help, give our expert team a call on 01603 722483, and they can help you settle on which pieces will be perfect for your office.

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