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The collection of ‘don’t sit on those’ chairs is growing in the corner of each meeting room and you’re thinking ‘they looked so good when they were delivered'. This is just one of the 5 signs it’s about time to change your office chairs.

It’s hard to find a single intact chair in your meeting rooms

They’re fully booked all day, so the rooms where your teams meet have to stand up to hours of use. From those who lean back too far, sit forward on two chair legs or accidentally spill their coffee over the fabric, your meeting room chairs are often given as much welly as their ergonomic equivalents used at desks. So it’s important not the skimp on these important seats where attendees sit while decisions are made and presentations are rolled out. Lumbar support, arm rests and quality, hard wearing fabrics are just as important for meeting room chairs as for desk chairs so consider something with more durability and function like the Orangebox X10.

The Health and Safety reps keep dropping hints

The team that makes sure your employees are sitting comfortably are reminding you of their legal obligations to provide adaptable seating. The levers that adjust tilt and lumbar support are on their last legs. It’s about time to change your office chairs! Enter the Herman Miller Mirra chair with its fresh colour design, effortless comfort and ergonomic support. Freshen up old looks and maintain the postures of your people!

Colleagues are running out of places for short catch ups

We’ve talked about meeting rooms but what about those quick chats and huddles which keep the daily work ticking over? There’s no need to clog up a six person meeting room with two people if it’s about getting everyone’s heads together briefly to set the direction for the day. Gather on a collection of Allermuir Pebbles or arrange a mini meeting space made out of pieces from the Boss Design Shuffle range. Without walls and with flexible seating, you’re able to easily ask surrounding employees for input or refer to nearby boards.

Your client’s reception area makes yours look old and tired

Let’s face it, not everyone has the budget to splash out on the latest trends on a regular basis. There’s so much to balance, from your budget to function or fit with your brand. Luckily there’s plenty of affordable yet contemporary furniture on offer in our collections. Even the most practical models are available in a range of colours to suit many brand pantones. We can’t stress this enough, this is the first impression new recruits, clients and visitors get of the inner workings of your business so be sure that your choices make your brand message crystal clear.

The new caterers rolled their eyes when they saw your canteen

The rise of the coffee shops means that relaxing is now all about sitting around small tables sipping barista brews or lounging on sofas using WIFI. Yes there’s still a place for larger tables, for eating meals and raiding lunchboxes, but rows and rows of uniform ‘benches’ has fallen out of favour, perhaps due to their prevalence in school or at bygone holiday camps. Turn your dining hall into a modern mocha scented café with furniture that says ‘relax, linger, read your kindle, escape the inbox’.

Recognise these signs? Start browsing our office chair range for inspiration. Talk to your marketing and facilities teams. Ask employees for their input. It’s about time!

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