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If you’ve ever bought office furniture, you may have come across the Aeron chair by Herman Miller. First introduced in 1994, it has been supporting people for decades thanks to its great range of ergonomic features. 

The Aeron chair really is the ultimate office chair and once you've experienced the unparalleled support, you'll never go back.

Ergonomics, style and adjustability all play a part in what makes this chair so special. Let’s get into why people believe this chair is worth every penny.

Short on time? Here's a quick overview of the main Aeron chair benefits:
  • Highly adjustable - customise the chair to your needs

  • Posture support - promotes a natural alignment of the spine

  • Durable - material is designed to withstand the demands of everyday use

  • Iconic design - the chair has a sleek and minimalist design, perfect for any environment

  • Breathable mesh material - allowing air circulation for ultimate comfort

  • Brand reputation - Herman Miller is a well-respected brand in the furniture industry


Aeron Chairs are Ergonomic

Nowadays, we spend a lot of time sitting down behind our desks. Be it in the office or at home, we sit for long periods and an ergonomic chair that supports us can be crucial to our physical health. There are still many people working from home who use a dining chair, which does not offer proper support and can cause a lot of discomfort.  

Many people also tend to slump forwards or backwards throughout the day, causing poor posture without even realising it. But an ergonomic chair can help solve this, providing ultimate comfort levels you never knew you needed.

Smart Design

The Aeron chair by Herman Miller is designed and built to provide you with continuous support throughout the day. They are expertly created to keep you upright and prevent you from slouching. 

It is structured to distribute your weight, relieving pressure and tension on your body. The Harmonic 2 Tilt function provides a balanced recline that is smooth on your spine, encouraging natural movement. This doesn’t just mean a comfortable day at work, but can also help boost your mood and improve productivity. 

Three Different Sizes

One of the most beneficial office chairs on the market today, the Aeron chair is designed to fit your body. Before we even go into the extensive adjustability features, we must mention that this chair comes in three sizes. 

Herman Miller believes that ‘an even broader range of individuals deserve a chair that fits them’, so they have produced the Aeron in sizes A (small), B (medium) and C (large). This covers almost everyone, from the first to the 99th percentile, because every body type deserves a chair that works for them.

Adjustable Features

Now, onto the chair’s features. Any good office chair should be adjustable and the Aeron chair certainly is. You can adjust the seat height as well as the arm height to create the perfect sitting position tailored to you. 

The forward tilt feature helps to support the thighs’ declined posture when leaning forward while typing or writing. The tilt limiter allows you to adjust the amount of lean the chair gives. On some models of the Aeron, there is also a Kinemat tilt tension function, which gives you the ability to alter the tension you feel when leaning back.

You can adjust the lumbar height and depth for optimal comfort and spinal support. Strong lumbar support is crucial, allowing the curve of your spine to settle naturally and help to ease any back pain, neck pain or hip pressure.

Use the PostureFit adjustment to align the chair’s back with your spine. This clever function, when adjusted correctly, will provide a little pressure on your lower back if you start to slouch, reminding you to straighten up.

Aeron Chairs are Stylish

Sleek and simple in design, this chair is a piece of art. There is no doubt that the Aeron chairs look good with their neat lines and unique features. In a range of colours, sizes and models, you can find the perfect chair to blend in seamlessly with your office decor or stand out and add a pop of something special to the space. Made of high-quality materials and built to last, these chairs can last up to 8 years when taken care of. 

The customisable nature of the Herman Miller Aeron Chair Bespoke allows you to choose not only adjustable features but design features too. Choose the colours and finishes that match your aesthetic and you’ll love your Aeron chair even more. Not all desk chairs look good, with some being too bulky or clunky, but a Herman Miller chair brings style to any space.

Aeron Chairs can Improve Productivity

There is a lot to be said about having the right office chair in terms of comfort levels, but this can also help you feel more focused. 

Long hours of sitting can be uncomfortable and this discomfort can be a huge distraction. With an ergonomic chair, you are consistently sitting in a position that does wonders for your posture. Feeling good can boost your work performance, making a comfortable and supportive chair a benefit for your efficiency and productivity.

Herman Miller Aeron Chais from Office Furniture Scene

The Aeron chair is an investment. It is one of the more expensive chairs on the market, but you will not find many better designs or ergonomic features. By investing in this chair, you’re investing in your health, productivity and work. 

The benefits of a Herman Miller chair are extensive, which is what puts them ahead of the rest. Many people choose these chairs again and again, and for good reason: they work.

Here at Office Furniture Scene, we understand that the Aeron is always a fantastic choice when looking for comfort, support and style. We offer a range of different models and sizes to choose from, including bespoke chairs that are built to your specifications and in-stock office chairs that are fully assembled, and ready to send.

Interested in learning more about Herman Miller chairs, or purchasing one for yourself or your team? Discover our Herman Miller range today.


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