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Of many office debates, music or no music has probably come up at least once. It’s hard to imagine a world without music as it’s become a big part of our daily lives without necessarily being fully aware of it; background music in shops, ringtones, radio and the classic elevator music. Listening to music has the ability to evoke an emotional response; we’ve all got that one song that gives us the chills. But is there a place for music in the workplace?  

Laser focus 

What if we told you that music can actually help increase your concentration levels, would you believe us? An office is often full of noises and distractions, typing on keyboards, phones ringing and general chatter. These distractions can become infuriating especially when completing a task that you don’t particularly enjoy. The good news is there’s a solution… music. Music can help to minimise and block out these distracting noises, acting as a constant sound for your mind to focus on so you don’t lose your mojo. It can provide a rhythm that keeps you feeling alert for even the most repetitive tasks.  

Encourages camaraderie

Cliché yes but music can boost camaraderie, creating a shared experience between coworkers which helps drive collaboration and team building. Asking everyone to contribute a few songs that they really like to form a team playlist is a great way to get to know your co-workers better, especially when hiring new employees. Prompting discussion and creating a welcoming environment where employees feel motivated to return to. Who doesn’t want motivated employees that look forward to coming to work?

Improves memory 

As crazy as it sounds, music can help improve your memory. According to Harvard Health, recent studies show that music helps us retrieve old memories as well as form new ones. It activates areas of the brain that are associated with memory, emotion, reward and reasoning. If you play a song that matches your feelings, your brain will often store the information learned in that moment and can recall it later on when hearing a similar song that ignites the same emotion. Baffling right?

Feel-good factor 

Music can be described as what feelings sound like. Listening to an upbeat song can cause our brain to produce a chemical called dopamine which is a naturally occurring happy chemical we receive as part of our reward system. You know the feeling you get when eating your favourite chocolate… this is the same. Likewise listening to calming music can help soothe the mind and body, creating a relaxing atmosphere. 

The office environment is growing away from the traditional corporate feel. More and more businesses are taking a more casual, relaxed approach to the working environment; from playing background music to sit and stand desks. Nowadays employers are listening to their employees and considering their individual needs. At Office Furniture Scene we supply a wide range of office furniture and equipment to suit your employees needs. Need some advice on what will benefit them? Call us on 0845 0737230 or take a look at our quality office furniture online. 

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