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Something that is easy to overlook but is absolutely vital is that your office space is accessible, making small changes to the layout of your office and the furniture within your space can make a huge difference to those with disabilities or additional requirements. Providing your employees with reasonable adjustments is the law, however you shouldn’t have to wait until someone asks for these adjustments to be put in place. Being one step ahead and supplying them in the first place will make it easier for current and future employees who may need a different set up to what is standard. Below, we’ve collated a list of the different ways you can increase accessibility within your office.

Ergonomic chairs

Sitting comfortably at work is not just down to posture but the type of chair you're actually sitting on. Ergonomic chairs benefit everyone, both employees and clients, providing utmost comfort and support to the user. If you're looking for a truly exceptional chair that supports your everyday movements, the Herman Miller Aeron Chair is your go-to seating solution. This chair has been continuously evolving in line with user feedback and helps to reduce the likelihood of any potential problems that could arise from sitting uncomfortably.

Alternatively the Embody chair is a notable seating choice, with innovative design that is inspired by the very thing it is supposed to support... the human spine. Engineered to support the user throughout prolonged periods of time, this chair is perfect for the modern day worker.

Herman Miller aren’t the only ones creating groundbreaking ergonomic chairs, as Humanscale excel in this area also. The Freedom range features a gel cushion, meaning it offers slight rigidity whilst conforming to the shape of your body, ensuring you are supported but comfortable.

Sit Stand desks

Standing desks are a brilliant option when it comes to increasing accessibility within your office space. Height adjustable, these desks aid mobility for anyone experiencing stiffness due to being seated for prolonged periods of time. It's also a great option for wheelchair users, giving them a space in which they can work comfortably without the need to switch to an office chair or sitting uncomfortably at a desk that is positioned too high. Providing people with a flexible working environment can go a long way in terms of employee motivation and productivity.

Office pods

This one may seem like an unusual suggestion when it comes to accessibility within the workplace, but office pods are ideal for those who struggle with sensory triggers, such as telephones, loud background noises and general noises of the office space. It’s likely that most will be happy to work within the office environment, but providing a quieter space for employees to use is a great way to ensure more accessibility. This is also beneficial for meetings where privacy is required.

Accessibility within the workplace is a necessity and the furniture throughout the office contributes to this. The office space needs to accommodate the employees, not the other way round. If you’d like to take the first step in creating a more accessible office, browse our range of office furniture or call 0845 0737230 if you need some help identifying the right furniture for your employee's needs.

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