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Office life seems like a distant memory. Only a few weeks ago offices were bustling with chatter and the thought of working from home was only for the few, however, now a large percentage of the UK population is doing just that. You’re probably reading this now from your laptop, but where are you sitting and more importantly what are you sitting on?

During these unprecedented times, it’s important to remember that your home workspace not only impacts your posture but also your productivity. With the average office worker sitting in their office chair for at least 6 hours, it’s crucial to think about how your desk space is impacting on your health.

Getting the right set up

Whilst we’re all spending more time in our homes, it’s important to try and create a ‘work zone’. Space allowing, create a place you can close the door on at the end of the day or, perhaps, an area you will only use during working hours. It’s important to maintain your normal working hours and remember to get up from the desk and stretch every so often.

We also recommend ditching the pyjamas and engaging in some exercise before starting the working day, you’ll feel more energised for that Zoom meeting.

Know your options

Now is the time to consider your home office options. Having a comfortable and ergonomic chair is more important than ever, with more people using sofas and dining chairs to sit on, it’s inevitable that aches and pains in your back will follow.

However, with workplace legends such as Herman Miller, Elite and Humanscale being the benchmark for office chairs, it’s easy to pick the perfect chair. You can even configure your chair with options from adjustable arm rests, tilt options and even different castors for particular floor types, ensuring your office chair is as comfortable as possible and fits with your home interior.

Or, perhaps you prefer to stand? The standing desk has seen a rise in popularity with more and more businesses investing in the height adjustable desks. Rightly so, results justify its favour; users of standing desks find they have improved posture, a boost in energy levels, increased blood circulation and even improved calorie burn. With lockdown a compulsive requirement for the coming weeks and the possibility of flexible working in the future, maybe now is the time to invest in your home workspace.


Where possible, it’s important to try and pick a spot that gets plenty of natural daylight to keep productivity on a high. It’s said people who receive more daylight actually experience better sleep, so try to set up your desk close to a window but ensure you avoid glare on your screen.

Stuck in a dull spot? Why not try bringing the outdoors in, a desk plant is a great way to improve your wellbeing, and provides a welcome break from the digital screen. According to studies, a few plants can help increase productivity by as much as 15% and some can help improve air quality. Just make sure you pick a plant that’s easy to maintain to avoid additional stress in the “workplace”. With working from home the new normal, we hope these tips will help you create the perfect home office. If you’re still struggling to find the perfect set up contact us today 01603 722483.

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