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Herman Miller Mirra 2 Review: Is It Worth the Investment?

When considering ergonomic chairs, the Herman Miller Mirra 2 chair is frequently at the top of the list. It is known for its sleek design and innovative features that promote comfort and support the user for long periods of sitting. But it does come with a premium price tag, and many people wonder is it really worth the investment? In this review, we explore the different features of the Mirra 2 chair and overall value for money to help you make an informed decision.


The Herman Miller Mirra 2 is the definition of modern design. It fits seamlessly in both home and office environments with a minimalist aesthetic and variety of colours to choose from. It features a distinctive butterfly-shaped back formed from merging a fabric layer with polymer veins. This creates a dynamic hybrid structure that functions like a suspension membrane. 

This design is not only visually appealing but also functional, providing adaptive support that follows the natural curves of your spine and eliminates bad posture. The chair also has a sturdy base with smooth-rolling casters that make it easy to move around.


Comfort is where the Herman Miller Mirra 2 chair truly shines. To keep you cool during long hours of sitting, it has a breathable mesh backrest that promotes excellent air circulation. The seat cushion is firm yet supportive, designed to distribute your weight evenly and reduce pressure points.

One of the standout features is the PostureFit sacral support, which supports your lower back and keeps your spine aligned. The chair adapts to the user and helps reduce any strain or discomfort when working at your desk for long periods of time. Durable and hard-wearing, this statement piece will continue to retain its ergonomic credentials for a number of years, even with constant use.

Adjustable Features

Adjusting a chair to suit your body dimensions and preferences is very important to ensure a comfortable seating experience. The Mirra 2 offers a range of customisation options to suit your needs. Here’s a breakdown of the key adjustable features:

  • Seat height: Easily adjust the height to ensure your feet are flat on the floor.

  • Tilt tension control: Customise the amount of backrest resistance when reclining or locking the chair.

  • Armrests: Fully adjustable in height and width, allowing you to find the perfect position to support your arms.

  • Lumbar Support: The adjustable lumbar support ensures your lower back is well-supported, promoting good posture.

Value for Money

It is without a doubt that the Herman Miller Mirra 2 is an investment, with a price tag that reflects its high-end design and ergonomic features. However, when considering value for money, it’s essential to factor in the long-term benefits and durability of the chair.

The Mirra 2 is built to last. Thanks to its high quality materials and robust construction, it will withstand many years of daily use without compromising on comfort or support. It also provides a number of health benefits due to its ergonomic features. These can help to reduce back pain, improve posture and even decrease the risk of repetitive strain injuries.

To ensure peace of mind, Herman miller also offers a 12-year manufacturers warranty on the Mirra 2, demonstrating their confidence in the chair’s durability.

Best Selling Mirra 2 Chairs

There are a range of Herman Miller Mirra 2 chairs to choose from, fully customisable in a variety of colours. Here’s a few of the best selling Mirra 2 chairs:

Design your own Mirra 2 Chair: Choose from various lumbar support, tilt options and frame, base and seat colours. 

Herman Miller Mirra 2 Chair in Stock Graphite: This is one of the most popular versions of the Mirra 2 chair. Featuring an all-graphite butterfly back, it suits any environment and comes fully assembled with all the adjustment features.

Herman Miller Mirra 2 Triflex Back Chair: Ideal for agile working, this chair offers a flexible and responsive support structure. The Triflex back is available in 8 different colours, allowing you to select a style that fits your aesthetic.

Invest in a Mirra 2 Chair

So, is the Herman Miller Mirra 2 worth the investment? For those who spend long hours sitting and seek comfort, support and durability, the answer is yes. The initial cost may be higher than some other office chairs, but the long-term benefits make it a worthwhile investment. Shop our range of Mirra 2 Chairs here or call us on 01603 722483 for more information about these chairs.  

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