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Office furniture comes in all colours, shapes and sizes meaning finding the right style for your workspace can be a difficult task. The initial challenge for anyone fitting out their office is that the furniture needs to look good and be practical for the day-to-day tasks of employees. Easy right? Well, why not take it one step further and have all of those things as well as having it be multi-functional furniture? 

How do you actually do this? By using modular furniture. The multi-functional, stylish and comfortable furniture fit out for your office. 

What is modular furniture?

Modular furniture is a set of items that can either stand alone as individual pieces or put together to form larger, more complex office furniture arrangements. 

Smartly designed to be functional but also comfortable, modular furniture can fit into any space, especially for areas that require flexibility. There are many types of modular furniture, including modular seating, desks and storage, of which can be a key component when arranging an office space. 

Flexible furniture 

The biggest benefit of modular furniture is that it can adapt to the ever-changing needs of the space it is located in. It provides extra flexibility to the office layout and the way in which employees use the space. The modular aspect gives you the flexibility to change your interior in a matter of minutes, which is particularly useful for multi-functional rooms. For instance, a meeting space that also works as a private working area. 

Businesses are constantly having to adapt and the requirements of workspaces are ever-changing. The rise of remote working, hybrid working and freelance has meant workspaces need to be able to cater for different working styles, both individual and collaborative working.

Breakout furniture

Modular seating also serves as great breakout furniture. Due to its stylish design and mobility, you can easily create a comfortable space for your employees to relax, work together and socialise. This not only encourages collaborative approaches and increases productivity, but is also great for those well-needed rest periods throughout the day. 

Modern look 

Everyone wants an office that looks good and helps employees feel ready for the working day ahead. That’s why offices often choose a modern aesthetic as this can boost productivity and prevent a cluttered, messy environment. Modular office furniture is perfect for this, creating a streamline look, from slotting modular units together to seamlessly arranging a group of desks. With the ability to change the layout at the drop of a hat, it reflects your business's ability to be flexible and interchangeable too. 

Great value

Modular office furniture can be repurposed in many ways, which is why it’s such great value for money. What used to be an individual workstation can be extended by modular items to create a collaborative working space instead. What’s more, when purchasing from a trustworthy office furniture supplier, like ourselves, you can be assured that all of our modular office furniture will be high-quality, long-lasting and provide you with the best return on your investment.

Where can you get modular furniture? 

We supply a wide range of modular furniture including modular tables, modular chairs and a full range of breakout furniture from reputable brands such as Allerbuir and Elite. 

If you would like any advice on which furniture would be best for your space, just call us on 01603 722483 or email

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