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Whilst offices have been out of action for a while it’s time to consider your employees may soon be returning to working in the office. Whether that’s part time, full time or on a rotational basis it’s important to provide your staff with functional yet comfortable office furniture to ensure they maintain productivity throughout their day. 

Whilst many workers may have spent the best part of the year pivoting from sofa to dining chair, they may already be feeling the effects of poor posture. This is why it’s imperative that as an employer you’re providing the best possible ergonomic furniture.

Why choose ergonomic furniture?

Every piece of furniture in an office environment needs to be functional. Ergonomic office chairs maintain the correct posture for prolonged sitting which is why they’re so popular in office environments. Ensuring the padding on the seat and backrest is breathable whilst still thick enough to sustain comfort for long hours is important. As well as being fully adjustable allowing the user to tailor their seat to their exact requirements for example seat tilt, lumbar support, headrest and height. This is especially important if your office is catered for hot-desking, where a user may differ considerably from person to person, allowing them to adjust the chair ensures comfort is always number one. 

Posture support 

A typical office worker will spend over 75% of their waking day sitting down, which means during the time your employees are required to work they should be encouraged to sit correctly. The most important use of an ergonomic chair is that they are designed to support your natural posture and reduce stressful forces on your body. When you sit with a posterior pelvic tilt, your lumbar spine flexes which means your shoulders roll forward, creating the stereotypical office worker slouch. In this position as you look up to focus on the computer screen your neck moves forward into an extension which can lead to muscle guarding, pain and headaches. 

Chairs like the Herman Miller Embody is a flagship chair which allows for simple adjustments with instinctive design. Herman Miller states that the Embody chair can boost creativity by ensuring movement which promotes blood and oxygen flow to keep the brain more focused and functional.

Enhance productivity 

It goes without saying that if you’re comfortable and without pain you’re going to be more productive. Office workers with fatigued muscles will inevitably spend more time away from the desk, prolonging coffee breaks and distracted from work due to their dull ache in their back, neck or shoulders. 

Whilst ergonomic chairs will help prevent poor posture, investing in sit stand desks can invigorate employees. As well as long term benefits such as research published by the British Journal of Sports Medicine that stated those who stand whilst working compared to those seated are less likely to develop type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. 

Standing also helps prevent the build up of sugars and fats in your body allowing the user to have better energy levels and concentration – leading to improved performance and a happier employee.

Long term use 

Whilst re fitting an office can be a big investment, choosing the correct furniture that stands the test of time is important. Whilst cheap furniture can decrease your overall investment in the short term. You’ll soon find after prolonged use in the office environment that cheap furniture can quickly break and cause employees discomfort.

Additionally, creating a comfortable environment for your employees will help improve employee retention and prevent employee sicks days due to office related injuries.

Here at Office Furniture Scene we specialise in professional ergonomic solutions for offices across the country. Create the ultimate working environment with our quality and designer office furniture. Contact one of our friendly team members today on 0845 0737230 or browse our office furniture here.

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