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When you have a meeting do you book the large room, the one with the comfy chairs, with the boardroom table with all the gadgets? You know the type. The room with the neat A/V system that links up your tablet or laptop, the one with the big projector, the best view and the cool voice-call device? Do you know it now?

Well ask yourself this, how much do you actually get done in there? Do you really come out of the meeting thinking, that was productive? Or do you really end up:

• Spending half the time looking out the window
• Beginning conversations about your holiday, hobbies or plans for the evening
• Falling asleep in the comfy reclining chair
• Working so you can leave on time or earlier
• Spending most the time trying to figure out how to use the A/V system/projector/voice call device

Well you’re not alone. With a large meeting room sometimes the table is too big which means people are too far away, there is too much comfort, too many chairs and too much distraction. We do a complete range of meeting tables, but here’s our 5 Top Table Tips to get the most work done and to leave the meeting feeling satisfied.

Make It Personal – We’d advise a round table, that way you are looking at everyone, no one is left out and interaction will flow easily. You can’t hide and everyone is kind of forced to get involved. Avoid meetings across a desk, it makes it impersonal and more like an interview.

Make It A Little Uncomfortable – Don’t get chairs that are so comfy people are inclined to kick back and take a nap after lunch . The chairs should be simple, practical (stacking ones are great) and comfortable enough to endure long meetings if needed. They should also complement the table. Do consider office chairs with some lumbar adjustment to provide relief during long meetings.

Keep It Small – The room and size depends on how many people are attending the meeting, but don’t get a room with a huge table when only 4 people are coming along. Get the right size and that will prevent people nodding off or hiding at the end of the table.

No Working Allowed – Make a rule, no working during the meeting. It’s disrespectful to the people in the meeting stops real engagement. So ensure the table doesn’t have any A/V link ups or Wi-Fi leads coming out if it (unless it’s necessary to the meeting). Keeping things simple makes sure everyone is more focused with the task in hand.

One More – Although not directly related to the table, close the blinds. Many open plan meeting rooms are nice, especially with glass windows but lets face it, with the rest of the office walking around and the view of the outside world in your eye line, it encourages a loss of concentration. So try and get away from all the hullabaloo of the office and keep the meeting short and succinct. Too long and people will begin drifting off to their happy place no matter what table or room you have.

Hopefully these tips will help your meetings to be more productive!

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