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If you’ve so much as glanced at an interior design blog lately you’ll no doubt have spotted the super stylish office pods and cove screens that are taking over the most talked-about offices.

An embodiment of the ‘smart working’ philosophy of Orangebox, the aim of the furnishings is to increase the overall functionality of an office by providing additional and flexible workspaces.

Indeed, an office pod, otherwise known as an ‘acoustic pod’, can be used as a meeting place, a conference room, or simply as a spot reserved for downtime.

Cove screens, on the other hand, can be assembled in a variety of ways to create the ideal working environment. By combing screens with straight and curved walls it’s possible to create a bespoke formation made up of nooks, desks, and soundproofed sections which can be used for conversation and collaboration.

So, what are the respective strengths of these two products, and why should you be looking to add them to your office?

The Benefits of Orangebox Office Pods

Almost like an office within an office, acoustic pods provide enclosed spaces within open-plan environments without making those inside feel like they’ve been cut off. This effect is achieved by glass panelling that allows the pod to remain connected to the office outside of it.

This naturally makes it much easier for businesses to provide areas for to conversation as well as silent spaces to properly focus in.

With the option to reconfigure the pod once it has been put together, the space can be expanded or stripped back whenever necessary.

In keeping with the flexibility of other products offered by Orangebox, office pods come in a number of different styles and colours to ensure that there’s a seamless solution for every kind of workspace.

The Benefits of Orangebox Cove Screens

Cove screens are the perfect solution for businesses that want to keep a varied team close together.  Indeed, with the option of arranging the workspace in a way that meets a diverse range of needs, it’s possible to have everyone situated in a highly efficient environment.

Similar to office pods, the cove screens from Orangebox come in a range of upholstery and textures to make sure that they’re at home in any kind of workplace.

Adaptable, the cove screen can also be added to or stripped back whenever the needs of a business or project change.

Ultimately, both office pods and cove screens are the ideal furnishing for instantly adding and customising additional spaces within your office.

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