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From the prestigious open spaces that greet visitors at larger city based offices to more compact reception areas, it’s possible to make a statement with the latest ranges of funky and functional furniture. What will your new reception chair, desk and storage choices say about your organisation?

Wide open spaces – why clutter up a large area?

If you’re not expecting crowds but will be hosting a steady stream of important clients, try positioning furniture centrally in the lobby of your headquarters. For traditional, corporate businesses, a few good quality minimalistic orthogonal pieces can often be the default choice. However for a trend setting twist, two or three black leather tub sofas will provide classic executive standard seating with subtle curves.

If you’re looking to convey a more vibrant, creative image, swap the sofas for a block of innovative seating like our Allermuir Tsunami modular benches in Scuba blue fabric. Recreate crashing waves by alternating the direction of each chair in the row. With pride of place in a central position they’re bound the catch the attention of passers-by too!

Cosy corners

It’s possible to create an impression of warmth, comfort and friendliness in a corner or zone with a feature wall and plush chairs around a coffee table. It’s a great concept for both large atriums and smaller foyers. Choose a rich autumnal coloured carpet for the area. For a contemporary look, pair our Mood Reception armchair with a statement coffee table like Allermuir’s abstract base triangular design.

Your guests can relax in this pleasant area set away from the busy reception desk where your staff are receiving deliveries and handling a host of calls.

Reception desks to suit entrance halls of all sizes

Your guests need to be able to locate the reception desk promptly, so a wide desk in a larger space placed a prominent position gives the visual impact needed. Whatever the size of your reception, your choice of desk is best decided by the storage and functional needs of your staff. Think about how many employees cover various shifts. How will they store incoming parcels? Where will their computers, phones and all that wiring need to go? Where space is at a premium, it’s still possible to pack all of those features into a stylish modular desk system.

We’ve a range of curved, corner and modular reception desks in a range of finishes, all with a choice of storage add-ons to suit your needs. Your guests will be able to wait in a calm, uncluttered area and your receptionists will have all their essentials to hand.

Giving a welcome that complements your brand, whatever the scale of your available reception space relies on a great selection of elegant pieces, consideration of the everyday needs of your visitors and reception staff, as well as a bit of creative thinking around an ideal floor plan.

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