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Working from home can be challenging at the best of times, your little slice of paradise is full of distractions and working from the sofa or up the dining room table everyday places you within a space that can impact productivity and cause discomfort. A challenge for many, is finding the space big enough for the best work from home set up. Therefore, we’ve compiled a list of our top 5 small desks for small spaces, helping you to create a comfortable and efficient working environment. 

1: The Herman Miller Sense Rectangular Desk

It should come as no surprise  that Herman Miller would feature in this list, as pioneers in the realm of office furniture they have truly mastered the balance between style and functionality. The Sense Rectangular Desk measures 800mm width and 600mm depth, making it the ideal size for any home office, as well as being quick and easy to build and incredibly sturdy. Some additional benefits to this desk include being fully customisable, with the ability to change the melamine finish and leg colour. Moreover, this desk even comes with additional options for accessories, including a CPU holder, power modules and toolbar options. Providing you with the capacity to store items within the desk, helping you stay organised without the need for additional storage systems. 

2: The Ascend Secretarial Return

Whilst this desk is mostly used as an ‘add on’ to extend your main desk, it can actually be used as a desk itself. It’s 1000mm wide and 600mm deep, whilst it’s small, it’s highly practical and offers the perfect place for you to sit whilst working in a small area. This desk would also be ideal for children doing homework or still home learning. It’s pragmatic, lightweight and easy to assemble, switch up the location of your desk effortlessly and as often as you like. Not to mention it’s extremely stylish in any minimalist interior, with 3 melamine finishes to choose from, you can find one to suit your existing home decor. Thus, ensuring no interior design clashes to prevent disrupting your calming environment in which to work. 

3: The Advantage Sit Stand Desk

A sit stand desk is the ultimate luxurious choice for working from home. With the ability to adjust the height of the desk, studies have shown that standing up to work for certain periods throughout the working day can be hugely beneficial, both physically and mentally, particularly when we’re still spending a lot of our time at home. In addition to this, sit stand desks are a great way to improve accessibility within your office, perfect for wheelchair users who will often need to adjust the height of their desks to fit them. The Advantage Sit Stand Desk measures at a width of 1200mm and a depth of 700mm, making it the perfect size for small spaces whilst still allowing you the flexibility to work comfortably and flexibly throughout the day. 

4: The Matrix Rectangular Desk

An exemplary option for those on a budget but without compromising on quality, the Matrix Rectangular Desk is incredibly sturdy and well built, with two fitted cable ports and adjustable feet for any uneven floors, say goodbye to wobbly desks. It measures at a width of 1000mm and a depth of 800mm, and due to it’s sleek design it can be used for things other than an office desk, for example a console table or even a vanity. It’s also available in 8 different melamine finishes, and has 3 leg finish options of black, white and silver. Customise your perfect desk! 

5: The Herman Miller Abak AE Desk

Last but not least, we just had to finish the list with yet another Herman Miller creation. The Abak Desk range is one of the most popular around, incorporating style and ingenuity. Its appearance is clean, minimalist and crisp, meaning it can just about go with every interior theme possible. Measuring at a width of 1200mm and a depth of 600mm, it’s narrow enough for tight hallways and converted attics and long enough to fit everything on and stay organised, keeping your workspace free from clutter. The Abak Desk is the ultimate customisable desk; 5 different leg options (including a height adjustable tapered leg), 11 melamine desktop finishes, 3 leg finishes and 3 frame finishes. There are also a range of screens, cable management and various accessories available which are compatible with this desk, tailor the Abak to be fully bespoke to you and the perfect addition to your cosy home office. 

Whilst many might think having a home office set up is not practical due to a limitation on space, it’s important to ensure that you have a good work/life balance, and one of the main ways of achieving this is through a separate office space to work. These small desks will ensure that you have the perfect productive space to get work done, without compromising the small space you have available. 

Hopefully this guide has helped you to find the perfect addition to your home office, but if you’re unsure which desk is best for you then just give a member of our friendly team a call on 0845 0737230 and they will be happy to help. Additionally, if you’re interested in having a chair or any desk accessories alongside your new desk, then be sure to head over to our office chair and desk accessories pages. 

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