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Looking back over the past year so much has changed, and has certainly been a challenging time for many. Here at Office Furniture Scene we have focused on providing companies and individuals with the suitable office furniture to enable them to safely work from home and within the office. With this in mind, we have collated how you rated our Office Chairs throughout the past year. Find out our top 5 highest selling chairs from the past year – so if you’re looking for some inspiration for your workspace or which office chair you should buy, this could be the one for you. 

Number 5: Herman Miller Setu Chair

It comes as no surprise that the Herman Miller Setu Chair is our 5th most popular chair of 2020. The whole purpose of this chair is adaptability. Created with the ever changing requirements of modern offices in mind, this multipurpose office chair is designed for shared workstations, hot desking, conference rooms and collaborative spaces. However, with 2020 being such an uncertain year, many found that they did not know which chair they would need to purchase, making the Setu Chair the perfect choice due to its ability to adapt to any situation and it therefore facilitates the ever changing climate. 

Due to the Setu Chair’s lightweight frame, this makes it perfect for those looking to work from home, allowing them to easily move the chair to the desired location within their home. In addition to this the ‘Kinematic Spine’ is engineered to achieve instant comfort, meaning that you do not have to worry about altering the settings of the chair to feel comfortable. This is perfect for use at home or in the office, especially if you’re working on a rota system as every user will instantly feel comfortable. In summary, the Herman Miller Setu Chair is a multipurpose, multi-person chair which accommodates the vast changes within the working world which we have all had to face this year. 

Number 4: Herman Miller Mirra 2 Chair 

With the original Herman Miller Mirra Chair having been designed in 2003, it has now been redesigned into the Herman Miller Mirra 2 Chair, and the changes are vast. The intelligent support structure is rather groundbreaking when it comes to ergonomic office chairs. This redesign allows for dynamic support, meaning that even the slightest of movements will allow for the chair to instantly adapt to provide you with maximum support and comfort. 

Due to the Mirra 2 Chair’s ergonomic design, it is perfect for those worried about any negative complications that may arise when working from home. “The Butterfly Back® utilises a fabric layer merged with a flexible polymer shell. Combined with an all new loop spine design, the Mirra 2 also incorporates the Posturefit® passive sacral support which provides optimum support to the lower back.” If this wasn’t enough to convince you, the Mirra 2 Chair’s appearance remains one of the most appealing, with various colour options available you can customise this to look great in any workspace, be it from home or within the office. 

Number 3: Herman Miller Aeron Chair 

Year on year the Herman Miller Aeron Chair continues to be one of the most popular office chair choices throughout the world. Originally launched in 1994, the Aeron Chair has more than 20 years of subtle adaptations to enhance the overall sitting experience, all of which have been made with user feedback in mind. Upon its release, the Aeron Chair was groundbreaking and revolutionised the way in which office chairs were designed. Literally changing the way people sat to improve posture, it quickly became one of the most sought after ergonomic chairs within the industry. 

Alongside the ergonomic benefits, the various colour designs and textures make the Aeron Chair’s potential limitless. These options allow the chair to suit any environment, again allowing for versatility when it comes to the working world. The new colour options have been made with today’s modern offices in mind, allowing it to seamlessly fit into any workspace. The enhancements made to the Aeron Chair throughout the years only improve on what was already one of the most highly regarded pieces of office furniture. The chair has been made stronger, made with smarter materials, the adjustment capabilities have been improved and new finishes have been added, thus creating a healthier, more comfortable ergonomic chair which is completely versatile in its use and appearance. 

Number 2: Herman Miller Embody Chair

Up at number 2, our second most sought after office chair of 2020 was the Herman Miller Embody Chair. Often noted as the flagship chair within the Herman Miller range, the Embody Chair encompasses, or rather embodies the expert knowledge of Herman Miller. Every aspect of the Embody Chair is innovative and designed with user comfort at the forefront. This can be seen in the overall aesthetic of the chair, which bears a striking resemblance to the human spine. This is an intentional design feature, the human spine is the inspiration behind the Embody Chair, focusing on its movements and positions the chair back moves with you as you twist and turn, ensuring maximum comfort throughout extended periods of use. 

In addition to this, the Pixelated Support technology also allows for the optimal amount of support as it conforms to the smallest body movement. The frameless and narrow back design allows for unrestricted movement in your arms and shoulders, which as well as having ergonomic benefits also encourages deeper breathing and focused thinking. The materials used are breathable and resilient, yet soft and provide cushioned comfort. It is no surprise that the Embody Chair has been so highly sought after this year. The chair boosts creativity by allowing for freedom of movement, promoting blood and oxygen flow to keep the brain more focused and functional which is incredibly useful for those struggling with distractions whilst working from home. It also comes with the new Sync range of fabric colours, meaning it will fit perfectly into any workspace. 

Number 1: Herman Miller Sayl Chair

Our most popular and most sold office chair of 2020 is the Herman Miller Sayl Chair. This ergonomic office chair is truly innovative in terms of its design, craftsmanship and quality. Inspired by the Golden Gate Bridge, one of architecture’s largest triumphs, the Sayl Chair offers great support, is incredibly aesthetically pleasing and is an affordable seating solution for any workspace. The ergonomic design allows for improved posture to minimise any negative effects on the body whilst at a desk and is truly in its own league when it comes to affordability without compromising on quality. 

The intelligent design of the Sayl Chair shows that every aspect of the chair has been carefully considered and analysed. The Herman Miller Sayl Chair has no frame, resulting in freedom to move yet somehow fully supports the user simultaneously. Each strand is made up of elastomer and the back varies in thickness and tension, providing greater support for the user. The Sayl Chair is designed to support your spine’s natural ‘S’ shape, ensuring comfort throughout the day. 

In addition to this, the Sayl Chair is created using fewer parts and minimal materials, hence the lower cost. This also reduces the impact on the environment, as fewer production costs and materials being used will result in fewer emissions and material waste, thus minimising the impact on the environment. The Sayl Chair is perfect for office and home use, especially due to its affordability and comfort, as well as the fact that it is available in a range of colours and finishes, resulting in an elegant, ergonomic chair perfect for any user. 

Here at Office Furniture Scene we are grateful for the continued support from our customers, and hope to continue supporting you and your office furniture requirements in the years to come. We are committed to providing you with the best quality office furniture, taking into consideration your comfort, style preferences and budget in mind. If you have any questions about our range of office chairs then just get in touch with a friendly member of our team who will be happy to help on 0845 0737230

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