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Everyone sitting comfortably? We’re guessing that you’re reading this because your current office chairs are simply past their best. It’s time to replace your wobbly, threadbare and posture-pressuring seating. With so many different options we’ve put together our top three considerations when choosing the right office chairs for your teams.

How much support your office chairs need to provide

Good office chairs provide adjustable features and padding to support the user’s posture, reduce the pressure on their spine, and maintain their circulation during long periods working at their desks. Seat depth and height settings ensure your office chairs can suit the proportions of most people in the office. A swivel base allows workers to move around and reach across their desk without the risk of twisting their backs.

While arm rests are a recommended option, some users find they can really get in the way for particular tasks. That’s why Humanscale offers an ergonomic Liberty Chair without arms. It supports the contours of the body with mesh lumber supports and a sculpted foam seat.

With all these individual requirements to consider, you may be wondering how to meet the needs of hot-desking colleagues. The Herman Miller Setu Chair has a revolutionary ‘Kinematic Spine’ that provides instant comfort with only a quick height adjustment – how’s that for flexibility?

How long you need your office chairs to last

The covering you choose can impact the life of your office chairs. Fabric can be hard to clean but is hardwearing and can be replaced. Some synthetic materials are much easier to clean than natural wool fabrics. Leather is easy to clean but is often more expensive and less suitable for hot environments. It also has a tendency to ‘puddle'(sag) and crease over time.

Take a look at the warranty provided by the manufacturer for the various parts of each chair they offer. For example, the Herman Miller Embody Chair has an impressive 12 year warranty for the main body of the chair, with the textiles and gas lift having suitably shorter warranties. We’ve included details on our site about the number of hours of use per day assumed in the warranty of each chair for your convenience. Regular maintenance may also be required to keep the cover valid. Research the availability of spare parts to keep your office chairs in good working order.

How good your office chairs need to look

Even with all of these complex features, our range of pioneering office chairs still look the business. The Humanscale Diffrient Word Mesh Chair is available in three different frame colours and 6 vibrant mesh colours so you’re sure to find a combination to suit your décor. For a touch of luxury their elegant executive office chairs are available with customised premium leather coverings and polished aluminium frames.

Making sure everyone in the office is comfortable all day requires office chairs with a wealth of adjustable and ergo dynamic features that are easy to use, especially if your workforce is hot-desking regularly. We’d recommend choosing office chairs from manufacturers who design ranges that combine eye catching design with durability.

What are your top tips for staying healthy and comfortable during your working day?

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