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Being stuck inside your office on a nice day can be very counterproductive. The temptation to sit outside in the sun can be a distraction when you have a tight deadline. You can’t have both, or can you? A solution to this dilemma could be to move your office outside, it can be as simple as moving your desk and chair out into the open air. However, it is paramount to ensure the furniture you move outside is suitable for the environment so you can get to work in comfort. As a business owner it is important to make sure your staff are well equipped for working from home when it is necessary to. This may mean providing your staff with the appropriate furniture to make sure they can complete their work comfortably even when not in the office.

It can feel a little daunting to head back into the office after such a long time of working from home and attending meetings over a screen. Providing an office space that feels spacious and has a clear flow of fresh air could be just what people need to ease them back into office life. Providing this space for your staff either at the office or at home can encourage staff back into the office whilst making them feel more at ease.

Things you need to consider before making the move

Before transporting your furniture outside there are a few things you should consider that may help you determine where you should set up your workspace.

  1. How many people do you need to accommodate? – This is a crucial thing to question before you move. Just in case your prospective space doesn’t have the capacity to expand for potential client or colleague meetings, which would make the moving efforts fruitless as you’d have to move back to a larger space.

  2. Do you require electricity? – Before you get to work, contemplate if you will need a source of electricity to charge your laptop or maybe plug in some music. Make sure that your setup is close to a power source, or at least close and safe enough to run an extension lead to.

  3. Is there potential for some shade? – Working all day in the sun can lead to skin, technology and furniture damage. Ensure that you have somewhere shaded to move to, or purchase a cover to put up over your setup to minimise any sun damage.

    Also the glare from the sun on your screen can make it more difficult to see what you are working on, which can lead to straining your eyes. When working on a screen all day it is important to keep your eyes healthy and working in the shade can help to reduce eye strain.

    If your garden has a patio you could construct a small shelter above, to create the comfort of a roofed office, but outdoors. This also combats the issue of glare from the sun, and can be used to sit under any time of year. Making it a dual purpose build.

Desks and Chairs Suitable for Outside Use

Herman Miller Sense Desk

Herman Miller Sense Desk

This Herman Miller desk is perfect for easy transport outside. It requires simple self assembly which can be completed by your staff in minutes. As everyone’s garden space is different it is perfect for limited space options. It also comes in a range of fresh colours for a dynamic look.

Herman Miller Swoop Plywood Chair

Herman Miller Swoop Plywood Chair

This chair will bring some elegance to your garden setup. With a range of finishes for you to select from, this chair can be tailored to your interior design. This is convenient so that once back in the office this can be brought in as it has a stylish office finish.

Ascend Rectangular Desk

Ascend Rectangular Desk

Delivered flat packed, this desk is another option for quick self assembly. You can choose between 3 professional melamine colours which will give a contemporary feel to your space. Again this can be assembled once at home so it is a nice quick option to supply for your staff.

Herman Miller Setu Chair

Herman Miller Setu Chair

Designed with changing office spaces in mind, this chair provides instant comfort and is easy to adjust for when you need to move office. The wheeled feet and lightweight feel make it an effortless option for transporting in and out of the house or office.

When an Outside Office Isn’t an Option

We are aware that not everyone will have the space to set up an office outside their home or workplace. If that is the case biophilic design is a great way to incorporate some of the beauty of an outside space into your current working environment. Biophilic design works by including nature into your workspace, it can be a simple way to help you feel more relaxed and reduce stress while working. 

You can achieve this in many simple ways, such as adding some plants to the room, creating an opening for more natural light to enter or hanging some tranquil wildlife art on the wall. There are hidden benefits of Biophilic design that can improve not only the way your office looks but the way it feels. For more information on the ways adding nature to your office can improve the overall office space check out this blog on Biophilic Interior Design for design inspiration. 

After being stuck inside for months on end and with the warmer weather on the horizon it is appealing for many to be able to sit outside while at work. We do suggest that these products are taken in each day, and will need to only be outside in clear weather and kept out of the rain. The products we have recommended are easily moved, so are ideal for creating a temporary garden office space. For a look at more office furniture that can be used inside or out, browse our stylish and luxurious options. If you would like further advice on the perfect outdoor set up call us today on 0845 0737230 to see what products would be the right fit for you.

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