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Colour psychology is a study that suggests different colours stimulate different emotions within us, this can affect and change our overall mood. Whilst our perception of these colours might be altered based on our own cultural influences or personal preference , colours generally have the same connotations for us all. 

With this in mind, the colour green is certainly making a comeback when it comes to the realm of interior design.  Green is said to carry more positive and emotional connotations as it is commonly associated with nature, luck and the feeling of calmness. Green connotes nature, conjuring images of  trees and plants, incorporating green objects such as these into the working environment can improve productivity in the workplace; a vital element in the overall atmosphere of the workplace.

Why Choose Green?

Science – All colours are made up of wavelengths, and the length of these wavelengths dictate how our eyes adjust to these colours. Green is made up of smaller wavelengths, making it a cool colour. This means that our eyes don’t have to adjust to see it at all, making it easier for our brain to comprehend and therefore promoting positive thoughts. 

Calming – The calming effects associated with the colour green could be linked to nature, which is something that most people often find refreshing and relaxing. Some studies suggest that this is hard-wired into our brains from evolution, where nature was often linked to food, water and shelter.  

Positivity – Green carries more positive emotional connotations. One example of this is the four leafed clover, which is a symbol of faith, hope and luck in the Irish culture. Although this is a cultural influence, it is something that has become mainstream for everyone when we come across a four leafed clover. As mentioned previously, the connotations to nature certainly have a positive impact on an individual’s mindset.

Green is also seen as a symbol of   being correct, whereas red is associated with being incorrect. This is most commonly used in the green and red tick system used in schools for years until very recently, hence the subconscious impact green can have on positivity.

How to Bring Green into the Office

Linking back to how nature can surround you with a calming feeling, it makes sense to bring some nature into the office, not just for that calming feeling but also for increased productivity.

Adding some potted plants to your space is an easy way to incorporate the colour green, and the calming feeling of nature into the office. It can be as simple as placing a plant on your desk. Alternatively you could go all out and scatter some larger plants around the office so that the relaxing atmosphere is not just restricted to the desk spaces..Research conducted by the University of Exeter suggested that having plants in the office resulted in a rise of 15% in productivity. 

Using furniture that is green is also an easy way to bring green into the office. You can change the chairs to green, or even just add some simple green soft furnishings like cushions or a rug.  As well as being a relaxing colour, green is also known to motivate people. Going back to the connotations of green being ‘correct’, green is associated with a high need for achievement.

Herman Miller Embody Chair

This chair is a natural way to bring the colour green into the furniture of the office. The Embody Chair embodies all that Herman Miller knows about chair design, as well as being pleasing to the eye. As a luxurious ergonomic chair,  it not only promotes a positive atmosphere but also makes you feel comfortable throughout use, no matter how long you sit in it.. The support moves with you as you twist and turn so that as your creativity flows, you can remain well furnished in whatever position you desire.

Herman Miller Sense Cross Platform Screen with Toolbar

This Sense Cross Platform Screen is a less intrusive way to add a splash of green in the office. It also allows there to be a constant visual access to the colour to promote productivity and create a relaxed feel. This Herman Miller Screen comes in a variety of sizes and sleek desk styles so that whatever office you work in, be it small or large, there will be enough space to incorporate this green.

Herman Miller SAYL Chair

For a splash of green in the office space, the Herman Miller SAYL Chair is the perfect choice for a tasteful, attractive and affordable office chair. This premium quality product is available with many alterations of your choice, including optional forward tilt and additional lumbar support for a relaxing and calming chair.

Herman Miller Setu Chair

This chair is a more subtle shade option for incorporating a little of the colour green into the room. Easy on the eyes, it is perfect for the changing needs of today’s modern workspace and is designed for use within shared workspaces. This lightweight chair  brings instant comfort and doesn’t need any other adjustments but the height to slide flawlessly under any desk.

Hot Box 2

Available in a calming Newport green, this personal storage system is an ideal way to subtly add this colour to your office space. This box can store more than just paper, it is adapted for modern day use by also being a great way to store and transport laptops, tablets and folders. Having your work neatly stored away, while adding this positive colour makes this piece of storage furniture dual purpose.

Boss Design Happy Chair

A slightly different design to the previous chairs listed, this is the ultimate breakout room chair. Relaxing in this chair will be heightened by its appealing colour, its simple design and shape makes it comfortable and enjoyable to settle on, which is needed when taking a well earned break. Promote a healthy escape environment for staff and clients alike with this happy chair – it’s all in the name.

Having visual access to green throughout the working day is said to impact our creativity. It is important that staff feel relaxed and welcomed in their work environment, for a healthy connection to work and therefore a promotion for a flow of productivity. Here at Office Furniture Scene our furniture comes in a range of colour and finish options, so if green isn’t for you, we have a lot more options for you to choose from. Get in touch with us today on 0845 0737230 to see what office furniture options are available for your office space.

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