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The Embody design was the brainchild of designers Jeff Weber and Bill Stumpf. Like all good designers they started out with a problem, ‘the lack of physical harmony between us and our computers’. Their solution was to design a chair that had a positive effect on the body when sitting for long periods.

Experts from a range of fields including biomechanics, vision and physiotherapy were called upon to test the designers’ hypothesis, prototypes and conduct studies to guide the development and ergonomics of the Embody chair.

Focussing on three core concepts in their hypothesis the Embody Chair designers wanted to prove that a work chair could be health positive and therapeutic. They wanted to show that dynamic surface pressure on a chair and back could provide more comfort, liveliness and health positive benefits for the user and that work chairs can help us achieve postural equilibrium naturally, no matter what our spinal curvature. The goal was to prove that a chair could be more than just health-neutral and could work for the users benefit.

The studies and input from the experts they had called upon formed the early design process and although Bill Stumpf sadly passed away in 2006, Jeff Weber continued as the Embody designer giving the chair its function and form, guided by the inspiration of Stumpf.

When it was confirmed that such a innovative chair could be made, prototypes were created and experts were again called upon to sit in them, offering advice on what worked and what did not. The amount of work, research and development that went in to the Embody Chair are incredible with experiments undertaken on kinetics, preferred posture, pressure distribution, seated tasks and metabolics. These experiments confirmed the health positive benefits of the Embody Chair and guided the rest of the development of this industry leading ergonomic chair.

The Embody Chair

The Embody Chair is specifically designed for those who sit at a desk all day in front of a PC. It is the first ever work chair to give users positive health impacts when seated and benefits both the mind and body. Sitting is considered bad for you and the Embody Chair was the first to turn this on its head.

The design of the Embody aims to keep you limber all day, for as long as you are seated. The key principle behind the Embody Chair is that if you are still active while you are seated, then this can fuel the brain. The thoughts behind this stem from a healthy blood flow through the body in turn giving a good flow of oxygen to the brain which will keep it functional and focussed.

But how does a chair do this? Well the Embody Chair adapts to your movement and keeps your spine aligned giving greater comfort in a seated position. You will notice the back of the chair looks like a spine, a design element that was completely intentional. The back support on the chair is more narrow than most chairs which allows free movement of your arms. This extra movement encourages the circulation of blood and oxygen which travels to the brain. The Embody Chair has an technologically  advanced dynamic matrix of pixels on the chairs backrest and seat. These are known as Pixelated Support and create a surface for your back and seated area that evenly distributes your weight and reduces pressure on localised areas of your body. This also encourages the flow of blood around your circulatory system and again gets more oxygen to your brain.

The Embody Chair has a one size fits all approach. The Embody will adapt to all shapes, sizes and spinal curvatures and the seat depth and armrest motion allows the chair to adjust to the broadest of ranges.

A light fabric is used on the Embody Chair to allow air to flow through and keep you cool and comfortable. The fabric is available in a variety of colours to enhance the chair and there are a number of base and frame choices that can adapt the chair to any taste or requirements.

Environmentally Friendly Chair

Not only is the Embody Chair good for your health, it also has the environment in mind. The Embody Chair is manufactured in a facility that produces just 35kg of landfill waste each month. That equates to just one bin-full and none of that is hazardous. The facility is also run completely on renewable energy.

The Embody Chair itself is made of 44% recycled material and contains no PVC’s. If the Embody Chair was ever to be replaced then 95% of the chair would be recyclable. This chair really is green.

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