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Working from home can be difficult with distractions at every corner, cluttered working spaces and often uncomfortable chairs. If you’re sitting on your sofa, hunched over the kitchen table or even in your bed, it’s time to invest in a workspace that aids you whilst working from home. Consider buying office furniture that not only looks good but will help you stay organised, reduce clutter, and motivate and support you physically. All of our Herman Miller chairs and desks are ergonomically designed to support the user throughout the day.

It’s important to have a separate space where you can work in order to detach work from your personal space, achieving an ideal work/home balance is all the more difficult whilst working from home. Creating an efficient office space within your home will help with restoring that balance and will ensure you’re perfectly comfortable too. The great thing about working from home is that you have an abundance of options to create the workspace that works best for you, with no limitations that you may encounter at work such as making space for other people in the office, no budget to decorate how you wish, and only having the choice of furniture made available by your workplace. At home, you can create a space which is truly your own. So to help you do this, we’ve compiled a list of our favourite office desk and chair combinations so you can make your dream workspace.

For the Colourful Type

Studies show that a touch of colour in the workspace elicit different emotions that can help put you in the right frame of mind and set you up for your working day. Colours such as yellows have been known to boost your mood, whilst blues can have a calming effect; perfect for those more stressful days. We would recommend the Herman Miller Memo Desk, perfectly suited to working from home, with various colours available for the body and fabric screen. This spacious desk will allow you to add colourful furnishings to complement the colour choices you opt for. If you’re looking for something a little more colourful whilst working from home, Fjord or Denim Blue with white legs would be perfect paired with a fabric screen in the colours Monserrat, Martinique, or for a real pop of colour opt for Calypso. But which chair would look best alongside this colourful desk? 

The answer to that is the Herman Miller Sayl Chair, a flawless choice when it comes to adding colour to your working from home space. Plenty of colour options to choose from and the ability to customise several parts of this chair, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect addition to your new desk. You can expect to customise the suspension back colours, choosing from Red, Blue Berry and Green Apple, further the personal touch by selecting the colour of your arm pads and the fabric as well. This desk and chair combination is one of our favourites, making your space livelier and motivating you in the process. 

If you’re looking for something a little more luxurious, a great alternative to this chair would be the Herman Miller Embody, which is renowned for its sophisticated ergonomic design. With more than 50 colour options, you’re truly spoilt for choice. Our configuration software also allows you to view your fabric choice as you scroll through, meaning you can see exactly what your final chair will look like when you’ve finished customising. This ergonomic desk chair will allow you to move freely whilst you work, moulding and accommodating the form of your body rather than restricting it. Opt for the white frame colour to really allow the bold colours to pop.

Keeping it Neutral

If you’re a fan of a more laid back and relaxed atmosphere, then a neutral colour palette is the way to go. With browns, beige and pastel colours you can create a workspace which has a calming atmosphere to work in whilst incorporating your home comforts. Wooden accents are also a must for a neutral interior, as well as adding some nature into your space which is known to increase creativity levels by 6% and turn around 15% more productivity.

The Herman Miller Atlas Sit Stand Desk is the perfect choice for a laid back, minimalist desk to complement any existing space. With options available for a neutral colour palette, this desk can be adjusted in order for you to work sitting or standing, allowing you to be completely adaptable. Opt for lighter colours if you want the space to appear brighter, such as the Light Ash or the Soft White, or choose darker wooden colours to add a touch of luxury; Charcoal Ash, Halifax Oak or the Natural Walnut can help you achieve this. If it’s more of a pastel colour palette you’re looking for, select Fjord and Denim Blue for the Melamine finish alongside Blizzard, Martinique or Aruba for the screen colours which will add the finishing touch.
If you opted for the Fjord or Denim Blue colours for your new desk, pairing it with the Herman Miller Mirra 2 Chair would be a nice combination, specifically this chair customised with a White Frame and a Dark Turquoise back and seat. These light, pastel turquoise colours are neutral and are not too overwhelming, making it the perfect addition to your home office. Ergonomically designed with the ingenious Butterfly Back, the Mirra 2 Chair twists and turns with your body, ensuring you’re fully supported throughout the working day. If you’d prefer to keep the neutral natural tones, then the Cappuccino options help to maintain an earthy, neutral and subtle colour palette, perfect alongside a wooden desk.

Modern Day Life

Incorporating modern office furniture within your space will ensure that it looks clean, clear and trendy. Opt for monochromatic finishes such as whites, greys and blacks to keep in line with the minimalist trend. White is perfect for making a space look larger, whilst black can be used for a more luxurious and unisex feel, and in recent years grey has been a hugely popular choice due to its ability to be paired with anything. 

The minimalist design of the Herman Miller Sense Desk perfectly suits a modern design. Whilst the design may seem basic, it has multiple add ons for storage and organisation, and has been ergonomically designed to support you whilst working, making this highly functional. We would recommend you choose the monochromatic colours, such as Chalk White, Folkstone Grey or Charcoal Ash for the Melamine Finish and a contrasting option for the legs.

To match these monochrome colour choices, we’d recommend the Herman Miller Aeron Chair. A perfect home working chair and available in Black, White and Grey options which will pair with your new desk effortlessly. Again, an ergonomic design which will fully support you throughout the day, ensuring you’re comfortable from morning to evening. You can use our product configurator to see exactly what your final chair will look like too. The Aeron Chair has been developed over 20 years, with adjustments made throughout based on customer feedback and a growing understanding of ergonomics. This means that you’ll be all set to work from home comfortably and in style. 

With a huge selection of office furniture to choose from, decorate your home office with Office Furniture Scene. We only stock the best quality products to ensure you’re completely satisfied with your purchase. If you’re unsure about which products would be best for you, then feel free to get in touch with a friendly member of our team on 0845 0737230 who will be happy to advise. 

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