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Time and again we are told that we should surround ourselves with positive people if we want to be the very best version of ourselves. We are told, too, that our home should be as relaxed as possible and that we should arrange our furnishings in a way that will improve our mood.

So why is it that these principles are often ignored when it comes to our workspaces? Why do we settle for uninspired layouts and uncomfortable work stations that make being at the office feel like an endurance test?

What if we left stiff desk chairs and stuffy meeting rooms in the past embraced contemporary office furnishings instead? It surely makes perfect sense that by being comfortable in our working environment that we’ll find ourselves being more productive as a consequence.

It’s also much easier than you might think to transform your office into a creative hub that gets everyone excited about heading to work.

To prove it really is simple to transform your environment, we’ve broken it down into three easy steps.

Find a layout that suits everyone

Throw out the office rule book and arrange your workplace in a way that allows everyone to get their work done efficiently whilst at the same time feeling inspired by their surroundings.

Styling the layout around the demands of the business, you might find that it’s more productive to have clusters of desks in an open-plan setting or a range of closed-off areas that are more conducive for focussed work.

Need everyone to collaborate as well as have a space to get on with their own projects? You might want to consider installing office pods or cove screens to create an environment that offers plenty of flexibility.

Find a style that suits everyone

Whilst tastes vary from one person to the next, it’s difficult to imagine that anyone prefers the tired look and feel of a generic office to one with its own character.

This isn’t to suggest that you should go out of your way to create a loud and overly colourful environment simply to make your workplace unique.

What it means is that you should find an aesthetic which works for everyone, whether that’s a space full of light and bright tones or something a bit cosier.

Find furnishings that suit everyone

Spend fifteen minutes in an uncomfortable desk chair and you’ll find yourself looking for an excuse to stretch your legs despite making no progress with your work.

Alternatively, if you’re sitting comfortably in an ergonomic desk chair then you’re far less likely to be distracted.  Similarly, if you use a height adjustable desk and can change things up, you’ll find less desire to leave your work.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt to get a Herman Miller desk chair or two to invite some of that classic cool into your workplace.

Having followed each of these steps, you can be assured that you’re all set for everyone to thinking creatively and working productively.

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