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Picture this… you’re on a hot island, the sun is beaming, the only sound present is the relaxing crashing of the waves against the shore. But then it hits you, you realise that this isn’t a relaxing holiday but you are instead stranded on a deserted island! Suddenly the sun begins to burn your skin and the relaxing waves turn into monstrous crashes. The worst part of it all? Your only resources are 3 items of office furniture, so with that in mind what would you pick? Choose wisely as these items of furniture will have to survive the harsh weather as well as keeping you sane until backup arrives. So, what would we suggest?

Herman Miller Ratio Sit Stand Desk

Shade on a desert island is very important, there are not many things that you will crave more after sitting in the sun all day. A sit stand desk works well for this, simply set it up and relax underneath for a much needed cover. The adjustable function makes it perfect for when the sun sits high or low, simply adjusting to your heart’s content, it is quick and easy. This office desk is multifunctional on a deserted island, it can also be used as a surface to prepare any food, or to whittle a makeshift bowl!

On a serious note, sit stand desks were revolutionary to office spaces at the time of their creation and still are. It is proven that sitting down all day is not good for your posture and body, so having the option to stand up and stretch your body freely whenever you feel the need is a modern spectacle. This technology is also simple and easy to use, with the push of a button you can adjust your desk to the height that best suits your unique posture, it also comes in a range of colour options meaning that it can fit in with any office design.


This one may seem like a random choice of office furniture on a desert island but let us explain. Due to the length of a Storagewall it provides a handy wind barrier, keeping you sheltered overnight when the temperature drops. In addition to this, the unit will protect your fire in the evening. It also provides a good storage unit for keeping scavenged food away from the floor. 

This unit is truly versatile, an organised storage system which looks great aesthetically too. It looks good with any interior, even on a desert island. With different sized compartments these units are perfect for mixed storage opportunities for an office that deals with more than stacks of paper.

Last but not least our third desert island office furniture choice is the… 

Herman Miller Setu Lounge Chair

Tired of sitting on the sand? Slowly getting an ache in your back that you can’t sort out? Having this chair as your third office furniture supply is a must have for when you just can’t get comfortable. We would even say that this chair is comfortable enough to curl up at night for a long sleep, although we can’t testify to that because of course we have never tried it! Who knows how long you will be waiting for rescue? You might as well recline in comfort whilst you wait. 

A chair for instant comfort this office chair is designed to fit right into the unique curves of your body. The perfect companion for any workforce that partakes in frequent hot desking, this chair is guaranteed to be the perfect companion for any user. The lightweight feature makes it easy to roll from desk to desk and the range of colour options means that there is a Herman Miller Setu Lounge Chair out there for any office, or island. 

Unfortunately none of these office furniture units have been tested for endurance on a desert island, but we are more than willing to say that we believe they will live up to the challenge! We can, however, testify that these options are perfect for use in an office environment. For more details on any of our products contact a member of our team on 0845 0737230 or email us at

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