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When it comes to buying a Herman Miller chair, it’s no surprise that a lot of people take a step back and ask themselves if it’s going to be worth it. Are they really that comfortable? Will it last for a good many years? Can an office chair really live up to all this hype?

The answer to all of the above is: absolutely.

Allow us to explain.

Herman Miller are amongst a very small handful of manufacturers who can legitimately claim their office chairs are ‘engineered’ and scientifically proven to improve user experience.

Producing chairs that can be fine-tuned to whoever happens to be sat in them, every model from the Aeron to the Embody can be optimised for maximum comfort. We’re not talking about minor adjustments, either. We’re talking about precise changes that allow you to create a tailored desk chair.

Things like tilt limiters help you to manage tension, moveable lumbar support pads can be aligned to suit the curvature of your spine, and armrests can be configured to help you maintain a healthy posture.

But, the best part of all this technical stuff? It’s so incredibly intuitive. Indeed, users are able to continually refine things without ever having to refer to the user’s manual.

On this subject, even the manual manages to be impressive. Appropriately fronted by a cover which invites the user to “read this while adjusting your chair”, it’s designed to make initial setup and changes as easy and comfortable as possible.

Not something you get with your everyday office chair, right?

Of course, office chairs don’t become icons without being beautiful. No, it takes good looks as well as some impressive ergonomics and a pretty user manual to become a legend in the office furniture world.

The pioneering use of fabrics and immediately recognisable outlines place Herman Miller chairs in the same league as supercars when it comes to design. If this seems a slight exaggeration, it’s worth remembering that Don Chadwick, a co-designer of the Aeron chair, likened his approach to styling to that applied to the Porsche 911.

You don’t have to take Chadwick or us at our word that these chairs possess a certain aesthetic quality – a Herman Miller Aeron chair can be seen in the permanent collection at the New York Museum of Modern Art.

In the unlikely event that the standard look of an Aeron or Sayl chair isn’t to your tastes, there are a selection of finishings to allow for a more bespoke look.

With all of this in mind, we’re perfectly positioned to return to the question we set out with and state, quite clearly, that Herman Miller chairs are most definitely worth it.

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