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If you are furnishing a new workspace or redesigning an existing one choosing office furniture is just one of many important jobs. Making the right decision will result in a slick and stylish finish for your office, but sometimes it’s just too difficult to choose. That’s why, here at Office Furniture Scene, we have compiled for you our “5 types of Office Chairs: Features and Benefits” list – helping you to make the best choice for your workspace.

5 Types of Office Chairs: Features and Benefits

Herman Miller Office Chairs

The result of four designers vision, Herman Miller Office Chairs are truly unique. The chairs have been described as a ‘second skin, a shadow of the sitter’ and feature flex-zones that keep the user cool and comfortable. Contemporary designs and colours finish the look.
Herman Miller Office Chairs distribute the users bodyweight evenly, which allows natural adjustment to ensure a reduction on the strain felt by the back and joints.

Orangebox Office Chairs

o Features
Funky designs with high impact colourways these high quality UK manufactured products have a proven pedigree of design and engineering excellence.
o Benefits
Orangebox Chairs offer similar quality and functionality as chairs in a much higher price range –enabling your office to be stylish on a budget. Orangebox also has a commitment to sustainability.

HAG Office Chairs

o Features
Quirky Scandinavian designs make HAG Office Chairs the ultimate in contemporary workspace luxe. They have a unique Balanced Movement Mechanism – as the user leans backwards the front edge of the seat tilts upwards. This action stimulates ankle movement to encourage vital circulation in the legs, which results in improved energy levels, promoting efficiency.
o Benefits
Ultra modern and innovate, these chairs are extremely robust and extensively tested and have the added benefit of being delivered fully assembled.

Meeting Room Chairs

o Features
All of our Meeting Room and Conference chairs are of the highest quality to ensure your visitors experience the utmost comfort in your workspace – our range incorporates a variety of colours and styles to suit all workspaces.
o Benefits
Office Furniture Scene’s collection of Meeting Room Office Chairs is budget-friendly and many are designed to match or compliment our other lines of office furniture.

Multi-Purpose Seating

o Features
Our smart and stylish multi-purpose seating will impress visitors and most of our range is stackable when not in use to save on valuable office space.
o Benefits
Want something more than traditional plastic? Try our wooden, upholstered or leather variations. Short on space? Need versatility? Try our Switch Chair – it doubles up as a writing desk.

We think we’ve pretty much covered it, but if you do need more information on our innovative office chairs then do not hesitate to contact us. We are sure that with Office Furniture Scene you can create a workspace scheme to be proud of.

Really helpful advice and a chance to see which chair suited me best.

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