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Call centres are busy and often demanding places to work, so it is crucial that staff feel comfortable and have the appropriate office furniture. It is also important to consider the cost per workstation and find affordable call centre desks and chairs. So here are our top 5 tips you need to know before buying call centre desks.

Maximise your call centre floor space – Planning your space is vital when buying call centre desks, work out the available space carefully and the configuration of desks to avoid costly mistakes. A well-planned office can help efficiency and improve productivity.

Consider the type of call centre desk– the type and shape of the desk is an important factor and will impact on your office plan. Depending on the number of employees, there are compact semi circular desks for three up to large call centre workstations designed for eight people. Dividing screens provide a degree of privacy but still allow staff interaction.

Cabling – Cabling is an essential part of any office with many computers and phones in a small space, but trailing wires are a health and safety nightmare. Buying call centre desks that can hide cabling safely is a must and keeps the office neat and tidy.

Call centre desk storage – Whilst space may be tight it is still necessary for staff to have somewhere to store equipment, look for specifically designed narrow call centre pedestals to maximise legroom.

Consider the style and colour of call centre desks and chairs – Take a moment to think about the impression you want to create. The style and colour of desks are numerous from ash or beech finish to contemporary call centre desks in white or silver. You can also have some fun with funky coloured office chairs.

If you need any assistance choosing and buying your call centre desks, don’t hesitate to give us a call. Our Customer Service Department are happy to answer your questions on office furniture designed for call centres.

Really helpful advice and a chance to see which chair suited me best.

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