We have a wide range of luxury Sit Stand Desks to make your days in the office much more inspiring and comfortable. Easily adjustable, they are extremely simple to use making them convenient when presenting work to colleagues, carrying out meetings, and simply to work in ultimate comfort.


There are plenty of benefits to having a Sit Stand desk:


1. Reduces back pain and improves your posture

Sitting incorrectly in your desk chair will increase your chances of suffering from severe back pain, and acquiring a hunched over posture. However, by adjusting your Sit Stand desk to the correct ergonomics – which you can find online – this will enable you to get the most out of your desk.

2. Prevents health issues

Sitting at your desk all day can have a negative effect on your health, including blood pressure and digestion. Purchasing a Sit Stand desk would really help if you suffer from a slow digestive system or high blood pressure.

3. Maintain your weight

According to studies even standing at your desk for 3 hours a day, 5 days a week would burn an extra 577 calories!

4. Space management

Desks and desk chairs can quickly make an office space look over-crowded and cluttered, nonetheless with the Sit Stand desk, you can set these up in places that are more efficient. For example, you could set them up by some shelves, in odd corners, or in small spaces.

5. On trend

Every business wants a Sit Stand desk for their offices. They’re the new and upcoming piece of office furniture that is bang on trend, and everyone wants one to improve their office interior.


humanscale sit stand desk


So, if you’re convinced that the benefits of the Sit Stand desk in the office will be favourable, take a look at our range of height adjustable Sit Stand desks on our website.