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Before you click the mouse and order a job-lot of middle of the range boxy blue meeting room chairs, it’s worth stopping to reflect on the people who host and attend the meetings held in your building. What is running through their mind when they take a seat and look around? The decision you make can send a clear message to staff, clients and suppliers. Here’s our 3 step guide to saying more with your meeting room chairs.

A meeting room chair less ordinary…

In our lifetimes we sit on hundreds of chairs. The seats that look comfy, but give you a bit of a shock as they have the cushioning support of a paving slab. The designer chair with crazy curves that’s surprisingly comfortable. And that old favourite, the good old plastic stacking chairs you often find in village halls. These memories should arm you with some basic criteria for the functional requirements you could use for your chair purchases. If you visited an office with spartan, uncomfortable, broken, flimsy, clumsy or hard to stack chairs, you might think the company is stuck in its ways, unable to invest in improvements and essentials, or are perhaps even out of touch with the needs of employees and visitors.

A brand new chair

If your brand was a chair, which one would it be? You carefully manage the pantones and style of every document and product your business produces, so why not think about how you can reflect your brand in your meeting rooms. Our chairs come in a wide variety of styles and colours we’re sure you’ll have no trouble finding something that shouts out a little something of your brand to everyone that has a get together at your office. We’ve some stand out colours that are a real departure from traditional corporate colours. Take a look at our swatches and be bold with ‘Belize’ ‘Lobster’ or ‘Solano’!. Does your brand suit serious and professional meeting room chairs or friendly and quirky alternatives?

Choose not to choose!

No two meetings are ever the same, so why should meeting rooms be uniform? Build in some flexibility by having a range of rooms in a selection of styles to suit different activities. Start with a clear idea of the types of meeting your employees are likely to have.

  • Board rooms – Make like Lord Sugar and deck our boardroom out with the Interstuhl chairs that featured on the BBC’s Apprentice series.

  • Creative spaces – Splash out on some stimulating wall coverings with woodland views, choose chairs in a natural palette like this Mood Modular Reception Seat to bring the outdoors in and watch this unusual environment encourage the green shoots of new ideas.

  • Digital rooms – Hook up some flat screen TVs to watch colleagues in other locations and share your documents real time. Next position some funky sofas like our Orangebox Swtch sofa in view of the TV so that people can have everyday catch ups with the colleagues in virtual teams.

Choose meeting room chairs that say “We have a fun yet hard working culture” or “we’re keen to expand and work with innovative business partners”. This really is an art rather than a science so browse our range and talk to us about your needs. We’ve helps lots of businesses say more with their meeting rooms chairs so we’re happy to advise you.

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OFS have been very helpful setting up an order for 5 chairs for our office. They have been of great assistance with regards to sorting out the order and communication has been brilliant.


Ordered a Herman Miller Embody chair with a one-week delivery time, received a phone call after placing the order to confirm delivery for the next day! Chair arrived well packaged, would definitely recommend.


I highly recommend this place for a working from home office chair. Really helpful advice and a chance to see which chair suited me best.


Ordered a Herman Miller chair from OFS and was delivered next day, I couldn't get the gas lift to work, they were in touch the same morning and resolved over the phone. Great customer service would definitely recommend.


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