A breeding ground for innovation, the workplace is at the forefront of new technology and furniture that helps to increase productivity and comfort. Not convinced? Cast your mind back twenty years and consider how different- not to mention how uncomfortable- the average office was. Cluttered with cubicles and water coolers, the workplace was somewhere that […]

With office roles demanding that employees spend a lot of time sitting down, it can be hard to keep the correct posture throughout the working day. Not only this, but your office chair can reduce or promote motivation depending on its comfort and form. Here we take a look at why an ergonomic chair truly […]

When it comes to buying a Herman Miller chair, it’s no surprise that a lot of people take a step back and ask themselves if it’s going to be worth it. Are they really that comfortable? Will it last for a good many years? Can an office chair really live up to all this hype? […]

If you’ve so much as glanced at an interior design blog lately you’ll no doubt have spotted the super stylish office pods and cove screens that are taking over the most talked-about offices. An embodiment of the ‘smart working’ philosophy of Orangebox, the aim of the furnishings is to increase the overall functionality of an […]

Time and again we are told that we should surround ourselves with positive people if we want to be the very best version of ourselves. We are told, too, that our home should be as relaxed as possible and that we should arrange our furnishings in a way that will improve our mood. So why […]

Since its release in 1994, the Herman Miller Aeron Chair has become one of the most coveted ergonomic chairs in the world. A break from the usual cushioned back and seats of the chairs that came before it, the Aeron boasted an industrial style. Far from putting off businesses this bold design only enhanced the […]

Whether you are transforming your current office or creating a new workplace from scratch, an effective open plan office can be difficult to get right. We tackle some of the most common myths below to help you to create the perfect open plan environment for your business. Open plan means furnishing your office as little […]

What style of desk user are you? If your job means that you spend a lot of time at your office desk, it could be that you are sat at it for more than 8 hours a day. That’s likely more time than you spend sitting on your own sofa! But what type of desk […]

Even if you are not aspiring to the lifestyle of Don Draper, you may still want to take inspiration from his mid-century styled office space. Mad Men may have long completed its run on television, but we are seeing it live on through the current trends in office furniture. Stylish retro feature pieces are happily […]

  Newly designed Aeron Chair for 2017 There’s big news in world of office furniture. Ergonomic styling masters, Herman Miller, have released a brand new version of their best selling Aeron Chair. Not yet available in the UK, the new version of the iconic Aeron has been tailored to be even more responsive to the […]

Choosing a professional office desk can be a daunting and time consuming experience. Before you start trawling through pages of desks that all look the same, take a look at this quick guide to really identify what you need.   Space Most desks come in standard sizes and generally a single workstation would be between 1000mm-1400mm […]

  In any office, the tea round is a sacred ceremony which takes place under controlled and carefully planned out conditions. The penalties of making an error can be severe, to say the least. With the tea round being such an integral part of UK office politics, we’ve come up with a list of top […]

Have you ever looked at Lord Sugar’s chair on BBC’s The Apprentice in awe and wondered where people so rich buy their office furniture? Well, wonder no more. We can happily reveal that the famous boardroom chair is actually the Interstuhl Silver 362S and it’s available from Office Furniture Scene in a range of fine […]

Ok, so not really a dance, but certainly a very slick, carefully planned routine, nonetheless. This video shows exactly how the Herman Miller Aeron Chair is put through its paces to ensure only the highest quality and most durable chairs are released from the factory. Herman Miller have designed such a flawless manufacturing process that […]

What should an office contain? Creating the right environment for productivity can be a challenge in any space. Large, open plan offices can lack character and privacy. Small closed in offices can limit valuable communication and create a feeling of isolation. Cultivating the right environment is important for morale, comfort and focus and all of […]

Design The Embody design was the brainchild of designers Jeff Weber and Bill Stumpf. Like all good designers they started out with a problem, ‘the lack of physical harmony between us and our computers’. Their solution was to design a chair that had a positive effect on the body when sitting for long periods. Experts […]

Ergonomic Office Chairs from Office Furniture Scene are one of our best-selling lines of office furniture. We stock some of the UK’s leading ergonomic office chairs with a proven pedigree of design and engineering excellence. Investing in the correct office chairs for your workforce is key to increasing productivity amongst your team – wondering how? Read today’s […]

You might not have the budget right now for a full refit of your premises but if you’re looking to bring back a bit of zing to your office, why not accessorise with an eclectic mix of bold funky office chairs to create a new ambiance around the business? So what makes the most funky office chairs […]

Before you click the mouse and order a job-lot of middle of the range boxy blue meeting room chairs, it’s worth stopping to reflect on the people who host and attend the meetings held in your building. What is running through their mind when they take a seat and look around? The decision you make […]

If you are furnishing a new workspace or redesigning an existing one choosing office furniture is just one of many important jobs. Making the right decision will result in a slick and stylish finish for your office, but sometimes it’s just too difficult to choose. That’s why, here at Office Furniture Scene, we have compiled […]