What style of desk user are you?

If your job means that you spend a lot of time at your office desk, it could be that you are sat at it for more than 8 hours a day. That’s likely more time than you spend sitting on your own sofa!

But what type of desk owner are you? Do you take pride in your work space and keep it clinically clean or is it an extension of your own hectic lifestyle?

The work desk you choose and the way you use it can say a lot about you, so which category do you fit into?

Clutter monkey

Clutter and stuff strewn across the desk. A collection of desk toys and reams of unopened post. A distinct lack of an in tray and piles of paperwork. Can be heard asking ‘has any one seen my….oh no wait, I’ve found it’ numerous times though out the day.

Cluttered Desk

The No Nonsense Minimalist

Clean, tidy, organised. Done.


The Showcaser

Instagram snaps from travel, a monitor strewn with ticket stubs a selection of festival wristbands and an elephant shaped candle from ‘that trip’ to Thailand. This desk owner likes to show off where they have been and the experiences that they have enjoyed. Bound to be caught daydreaming about their next big adventure on a regular basis.

Showcase Desk

The Sticky Note Fiend

This desk owner substitutes a diary, calendar and notebook for an abundance of sticky notes , which find their way everywhere to get stuff done. Also has a penchant for a highlighter. Don’t stand still for too long near this desk, you are likely to come away with a sticky note full of instructions.

Stick Notes on Desk

The Sprawler

This guy likes to s-p-r-e-a-d out. You will likely find their paperwork sneaking its way across the boundaries on to your desk or their coat on the back of an empty office chair, only for them to bring in a different one the next day. You make a space, they fill it, with confidence.

Sprawling Desk