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When investigating the next revamp of your reception area, it’s worth asking your visitors what they thought of your current reception area as well as taking the time to observe the behaviours of your visitors in how comfortable they feel.

Once you’ve carried our your research it’s time to choose furniture that gives the first impression you really want for everyone who walks through the doors. Here are the key questions you should be asking when giving your visitors a comfortable and refreshing reception experience.

Does your reception’s look and feel match up with the values of your brand?

There is a real shift in recent years away from the need for businesses to portray themselves as formal and controlled. It’s more important to reflect the personality of the business and take into account visitor comfort. Organic forms, soft materials and accessories such as flowers or artwork can freshen up you reception area and visitor perceptions. A Boss Design Cocoon is an ultra-modern seating booth like no other. If you’re looking to demonstrate your commitment to the latest innovations you can invest in a higher specification version with both power and data options.

Do your seating arrangements say ‘conversation’ or ‘airport’?

You’ll often find a sofa in most office receptions but a well-designed single chair can provide a more relaxing wait for a meeting. Rather than sinking into limp sofa cushions, a visitor’s posture is better supported. The Napoli one-seater chair provides essential lumbar support for guests who may have endured a long train ride to your headquarters. Whilst the Abstract Base triangular coffee table offers curved shape combinations and is the ideal symbol of unique, contemporary creativity to suit future-thinking businesses.

Did you see more than one person sitting on your two-seater sofa?

From the earliest days of furnishing in public or business spaces, we’ve all felt most comfortable when we’ve been able to indulge the natural urge to leave one chair between us and the next person. Offer single or three-seater options to make the most of seating capacity.

Modular pieces like these Mood Modular reception seats allow you to set up arrangements that give everyone the space they need to feel at ease:

Have you provided your reception staff with a contemporary and fit for purpose desk?

More and more firms are turning to frosted glass furniture to provide the perfect balance between providing a certain amount of privacy for employees and demonstrating a commitment to transparency.

The Wave reception desk system incorporates stimulating organic curves and provides a sweeping desk surface for each receptionist.

We’re here to help

Carefully designing the welcome your business gives to visitors means that your reception area will align with the messaging you convey in brochures or those all-important sales presentations. Choosing flexible pieces and modular solutions allows you to easily reshape your reception area as your brand and business model develops. Here at Office Furniture Scene we have a superb range of innovative pieces to suit a range of budgets in our reception furniture pages.

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