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As our workplace becomes more knowledge based, workers are seated more often and for longer than ever before. Being seated for long periods increases the risk of lower back injury and a good office chair is essential for the health & wellbeing of employees. A good office chair should provide the correct support in a wide range of postures including forward leaning, reclining and upright seated positions. Frequent changes of posture and freedom of movement are essential requirements of comfortable sitting.

Herman Miller are at the forefront of ergonomic chair research and design. Development of the passive Posturefit™ and Backfit™ (Embody Chair) systems, using high tech materials, ensures that the amount of flex varies across the seating surface, providing the right amount of 'give' in the right places with the freedom to move when seated, avoiding the slouched seated position which can lead to back injury.

Additional Lumbar Support

Everybody is different and the human spine varies from person to person. To overcome this and allow you to finely adjust your lumbar support to suit your individual body shape, some chairs offer an additional lumbar support mechanism. To get the most out of your Herman Miller chair, we always recommend choosing the lumbar support option.

Tilt, Tilt Limiter & Forward Tilt

Freedom of movement when seated is essential to the wellbeing of office employees, both physically and psychologically. Reflective tasks such as talking on the phone, stretching, and most importantly, thinking are often preferred in the recline position. The Herman Miller tilt  mechanisms ensure that you are perfectly supported throughout the recline and feel in control at all times. Tilt Tension controls allow you to increase or decrease the force required to recline the chair.

The simple to use Tilt Limiter lever allows you to limit the recline to a  position of your choice when leaning backwards. You can still move forwards, but will not lean back further than your selected position. Forward Tilt allows the chair to tilt forwards past the horizontal upright position. Normally used when sitting at a high seated position, this relaxes the waist, knees and ankles. A forward Tilt Limiter sets the chair in the correct position to support the back in the forward leaning position.

Flexfront Seat Edge - Mirra Chairs

The patented Flexfront seat edge on the Mirra Chair allows the seat depth to be adjusted to 5 positions while still seated. The Airweave™ flexible seat front flexes up and down, increasing and decreasing the seat depth to suit all upper leg lengths.

PostureFit®  - Aeron Chairs

Until PostureFit was developed for the Aeron Chair, there was one part of the back that no chair could support - the lower back below the belt. When you sit upright and forward at a computer, there tends to be a void in this area which leads to slouching and your spine losing its healthy s-shape. PostureFit fills this void and is adjustable to provide the most comfortable level of support.

Aeron Chair Size Guide

Aeron's three sizes and adjustability let it fit a broader diversity of sizes and shapes than any other work chair. Anybody - from the 1st percentile female to the 99th percentile male - can find the perfect fit with the A,B and C sizes of Aeron Chairs. To help ensure proper support, the stretch of Pellicle and the range of tilt tension are calibrated to the user weights and size ranges for each chair size. For many people, an A or B or a B or C is the appropriate size but a size B suits the vast majority of users. We would always recommend choosing a larger size if you are unsure or call us for advice.

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