Herman Miller Aeron Chair

The chair that earned a place in the Museum of Modern Art

Since its release in 1994, the Herman Miller Aeron Chair has become one of the most coveted ergonomic chairs in the world. A break from the usual cushioned back and seats of the chairs that came before it, the Aeron boasted an industrial style. Far from putting off businesses this bold design only enhanced the demand for this masterpiece.

The creation of designers Bill Stumpf and Don Chadwick, the Aeron Chair is designed to be ignored. The comfort and support the chair offers should be as unnoticed as breathing in and out – allowing you to focus on your work with a blissful unawareness of your body.

The Aeron Chair continues to be one of the best-selling ergonomic chairs in the world today. Yet, even as sales continue to soar for the original masterpiece, the original designer Don Chadwick has spent the last 2 years working to revitalise the Aeron Chair so it can continue to meet the needs of the 21st century.

The Aeron Chair Remastered, rather than a reinvention of the successful Aeron Chair, is just a more finely tuned version. Everything about the original Aeron worked. Like servicing a fine car, all Don Chadwick had to do use the knowledge and user experience they had gained from the last 20 years to tweak a few minor elements. Incorporating the latest advances in support, suspension and tilt dynamics and developing the sustainability whilst retaining the style and basic structure of the already superbly designed ‘machine for sitting’.

The Herman Miller Aeron Chair

Old Aeron Chair Design

  • Optional Lumbar Support or PostureFit®
  • Classic, Tuxedo or Wave Pellicle© offering optimum spinal support
  • Optional tilt, forward tilt mechanism
  • 94% recyclable materials
  • Choice of arm specifications with optional leather armpads
  • 3 sizes to fit
The Herman Miller Aeron Chair Remastered

New Aeron Chair Design

  • Eight latitudinal zones of varying tension for increased comfort across the seat and back
  • New Pellicle© allows air, body hear and water vapour to pass through keeping you at a good temperature
  • Optional Lumbar Support or PostureFit SL®
  • Smoother tilt and balance on the recline
  • Front to back armrest adjustments
  • 3 sizes to fit
  • New colours, materials and finishes to suit today’s office styles
  • Includes 39% recycled content & up to 91% recyclable material
  • Weight reduced by about 3lbs
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