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You’ve been tasked with refreshing the tired out office furniture your colleagues have been putting up with for years but as is often the case you’re working to a tight budget. When price is driving your choices it’s easy to overlook office furniture failings that might lead to expensive sickness days, injuries or a demotivated workforce. Before you opt for an economy revamp, read our tips!

Do more with less office furniture

From meeting room chairs that collapse because of poor build quality to desks that wobble, you’ll end up with office furniture that is at best flimsy and at worst a health hazard. Cheap and cheerful pieces often have a short lifespan and you’ll be replacing them fairly quickly. If you’re looking to save space in the office, fewer better quality pieces with built in flexibility and function will last for years and flex to suit your future needs.

Make employee health and safety a priority

Investing in well designed, adjustable chairs and desks makes it more likely that common injuries caused by poor posture can be avoided. For employees and your budget, prevention really is better than cure. Check for lumbar support and height adjustment features in chairs. Find out if desks can be raised easily for taller members of your team. Can your hot-deskers set up their desk and chair quickly and remain productive? There’s a handle on our adjustable desks to make tweaking them a real doddle.

Provide a welcome break with cosy break-out furniture

Giving your rest areas a homely feel allows staff to relax more during their breaks. Although it is important to provide practical wipe clean surfaces in kitchen areas where your team make a brew or reheat meals, there should be provision for cosying up with a book or mobile device for a few precious moments away from the spreadsheets and emails back on their desks. This is where plush soft furnishings can make a real difference and indulging them with a trendy quality piece can help make it feel more special than just another office area. We have a range of affordable, snug chairs and sofas to fit all budgets like our Solace Compact Tub Chair.

Balance comfort with productivity in meeting spaces

It’s easy to find that fitting out a meeting room swallows up more than a fair share of your planned spend. It’s one area where too much comfort can result in sleepy attendees and a lack of focus on key discussions. Provide seating with good lumbar support and consider slimmer round tables to create a more collaborative arrangement that keeps everyone alert. The OrangeBox Office Pod range provides privacy, bright curvy surroundings and the natural light we all need to stay well and awake however long the agenda.

Our office furniture products are manufactured to the highest standards and are available at affordable prices so you don’t have to compromise on price to keep your staff comfortable and healthy.

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