Most office workers sit at their office desk for in excess of 8 hours every day. That’s why it is so important to choose an office furniture arrangement that supports your back and promotes a healthy sitting position. An ergonomic chair (such as the Orangebox Do Chair featured below) will sympathetically support your spine and opting for a sit stand desk allows you flexibility to choose whether you stand or sit throughout your working day. Sometimes however, despite your best intentions to take regular breaks you can still find yourself sitting for too long during the day.

Thanks to expert Norwich Yoga teacher Holly Boardman, we have a selection of desk yoga positions that can be carried out at your desk, to help promote well being. We are of course office furniture specialists, not medical experts so should you have any concerns check with your doctor before carrying out these moves.

pranayama at desk

1/ Pranayama
Breathing in with your index fingers pointed up towards the ceiling, stretch up as you inhale and bring them down to the heart as you exhale
Benefit: energises and awakens the body bringing clarity to the mind Long Deep Breathing detoxifies and releases tension.

seated neck stretch in the workplace

2/ Seated Neck Stretch
Place your right arm behind your lower back and hold your right hand with your left hand, tucked in at your waist. Tilt your head to the left and gently stretch your neck. Repeat on opposite side.

Benefits: This has an immediate effect on your state of mind. Lengthening the larger muscles, defuses stress held in the body and helps the whole body to relax. Stretching and lengthening the neck muscles will help quiet the mind and bring on a sense of well-being. It can also help prevent tension headaches.

Seated cat pose at desk

3/ Seated Cat Pose
Clasp your hands in front of you and tilt your head forward to stretch the back of your neck.
Benefit: Stretches the back, torso and neck. Provides a gentle massage to the spine and belly organs, increasing circulation to the rest of the body.

office cow at desk

4/ Office Cow Pose
Take your hand behind your back and gently stretch back.
Benefit: Stretches the back, torso and neck.

crescent moon stretch at desk

5/ Crescent Moon Side Stretch
Raise one hand, curved above your head and allow your other arm to drop to one side.
Benefit: helps to bring balance to your entire body by lengthen the muscles in the back, abdominal muscles and hips while improving flexibility in the spine. Great for posture and respiratory conditions. This stretch also aids and regulates digestion, elimination, and metabolism.

seated eagle at desk

6/ Seated Eagle Pose
Cross your arms in at face height and the same with your legs.
Benefit: Stronger arms, legs, knees and ankles. Opens the shoulder joints by creating space between the shoulder blades. Opens hips and IT band. Increases circulation to all joints Improves digestion Improves concentration .

seated pigeon at desk

7/ Seated Eagle Pose
Place one foot on your opposite knee. Use blocks/books under the feet for intensity and the use of the hand on inner knee for light pressure. Benefit: opens up the hip joint and hip flexor. Stretches the thighs, gluteal and piriformis muscle. Extends the groin and psoas. Stimulates the internal organs Increases hip flexibility Improves posture, alignment, and overall suppleness Lessens or alleviates sciatic pain

folded legs in the workplace

8/Folded Legs with Rotation
Tuck one leg under and rotate to one side.
Benefit: Deep stretch of hips, ankles, thighs. Aids chronic knee pain. Strengthens spine and abdominals. Improves digestive function. Detoxes the digestive tract. Keeps spinal muscles mobile. Destress the body and mind. Stretches and strengthens the back muscles, resulting in less back pain or discomfort.

forward fold at desk

9/Forward Fold
Lean forward onto your desk and stretch.
Benefits: Stretches the spine, shoulders, groin and hamstrings. Relieves fatigue, anxiety and headaches. Therapeutic for high blood pressure.

shoulder stretch at desk

10/ Shoulder Stretch
Hold one hand over your shoulder and stretch using the other one.
Benefits: Deep stretch of shoulders, armpit, chest, deltoid and triceps. Opens the shoulder joint giving a wider range of motion.

Holly is hatha, vinyassa, yin and restorative yoga qualified. Offering group, private and corporate yoga sessions, for all abilities, in and around Norwich. You can reach her on 07702865524 or find her on Facebook @yogawithhollyboardman